5 Weeks!

Baby M is now the size of an apple seed.

I’m 5 weeks pregnant and Baby M already has a rocking dinosaur (because it’s so darn cute!), a changing table (can I control when I find the deals?), and an amazing amount of books. I even found the rug I want at Target during a late night shopping trip with my wonderful sister Teri.

New Year’s resolution: a happy and healthy pregnancy! I’m crossing my fingers that this is the first resolution I manage to keep.

By themagnificentms

There’s Going to be a New Kid on the Block!

No, I’m sorry, I do not have super secret information that Marky Mark is rejoining NKOTB. But I do know that there will be a new NKOTB fan in the world in 9 months!

As I’m sure any follower of this blog will come to realize, I am slightly obsessive. So yes, I felt the need to take three pregnancy tests. The only reason only two brands were used is because a very nice pharmacist sternly told me to put the others back. Honestly, I loved seeing the “Pregnant” answer so much, I may just go back for more when she’s not on duty!

Because we found out our “situation” on December 23rd and we are both so terrible at keeping secrets (I dissolve into giggles like a schoolgirl), we went ahead and made announcements to the family during Christmas festivities. This is how we told my family:

I gave my grandma (the person who has incessantly hounded us for years to give her a great-grandbaby) a prank gift box. It said it was a coffeemaker that attached to a shower head (which, for the record, I think is a marvelous idea). Inside the box was a note that said “Fooled you! You aren’t getting an awesome coffeemaker. You’re getting a great grandchild.” After a bit of confusion, everyone finally understood it. Both J and I are now solidly holding the position of favorite child and/or grandchild in our families now!

To the best of my knowledge, I am about 4 weeks pregnant, which means Baby M is about the size of a poppy seed right now. I can’t wait to meet him/her!

By themagnificentms