The Disappointment of 10 Weeks…

My first appointment was a bust. The midwife was out at a delivery. Being pregnant, I, of course, had an emotional breakdown in the middle of the waiting room. Poor Justin sat there, stunned, just trying to figure out what in the world could be wrong with me. No sane person would cry this much at the prospect of a rescheduled appointment, especially since we could just come home and listen to Baby M’s heartbeat with my snazzy new fetal doppler. But logic has no place in a nervous preggo’s head (sorry, Leonard Nemoy, but my #1 fan status will be resumed in 7 months). A trip to the Burger Stand, the First Friday Art Walk, and friends had me feeling much better by that evening and I was able to concentrate on the good news of 10 weeks: a fetus! That’s right, no more embryo, a fetus! Complete with bending limbs, fingernails, and hair! Baby M is now the size of a kumquat, which sounds so much cooler than the equivalently-sized fruit, the plum.

My rescheduled appointment is Wednesday, so hopefully I will have a sonogram picture to post soon! In the meantime, here’s a picture of Laika during the stressful Super Bowl.

By themagnificentms

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