Over Four Months Along Now!

I’m 17 weeks and definitely starting to show. It still looks like I’m just chunkier than usual, but I know it’s a baby bump, and that’s all that matters. Sorry the photo is so blurry, we were having issues with dogs running through the room.


We find out the gender of Baby M on April 16. Well, hopefully, unless he/she decides to cross his/her legs or something. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, because I don’t know if I could live with the suspense until he/she’s born! 

I’ve been building our registry. I don’t know how people do it registering in just one place. I’ve already registered at three: Target, Babies R Us, and Amazon. 

Which brings me to my next rant. If you have a child already, congratulations. I’m very happy for you and I know that very few people are really as depressed and sleep-deprived as they make it sound to a pregnant woman. I know that you’re just trying to make it out to be terrible so that when I don’t have a terrible time, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. I just know that, because otherwise, why would anyone have more than one child? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told someone something that Justin and I have just done and been told, “Well, you better have fun now, because once that baby comes, you won’t be spending any time together,” or, “For the next 18 years you’ll be so tired that you and Justin won’t even want to do anything together,” or some other horrible depressing anecdote about why I should be so glad I don’t have a child yet. I really think people look at pregnancy like a jail sentence, and I’m just waiting for my life to be one hellish temper tantrum after another for the foreseeable future. Well, I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant if I really thought that was the case. I didn’t want a child because it’s just what I’m supposed to want, regardless of the nightmare that it is. So please, the next time you want to tell a pregnant woman how thankful she should be that she doesn’t have a child yet, remember that she is very thrilled to have a child forming inside her right now and, even if she thinks her life will be hell in a few months, she really doesn’t want to focus on the negatives of child-rearing.

Now, back to happy thoughts. Aren’t these the CUTEST?! If there are two in this belly, they WILL have these.


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It’s Turning Into a Real Nursery!

The spare room is really coming along. This weekend the dresser was repainted and is now being referred to as a changing table! As the daughter of a proud miser, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a specific changing table, so I found a great dresser on craigslist for only $50 and decided to repurpose it as a changing table. Justin caught me priming it almost two months ago and threw a fit. He has really taken this protective thing and run with it. We are typically not a jealous/protective type couple, so this is new. I have to say, it’s kind of flattering. Not in a domestic violence sort of way, in a I’m-a-princess sort of way.

Anyway, back to the changing table. He threw a fit and said I was, under no circumstances, to be putting myself next to paint fumes. He promised to paint the dresser. So, two months later, I have a changing table!

This is how it started:


And this is how it turned out (big fluffy dog is Kingsley, who has decided that this is HIS room):


Here’s a close-up of the knobs and with the changing pad on top. I haven’t decided if I’m going to buy one of those wooden enclosures for the pad or not.


I think it turned out very well! I’m so proud of Justin. Of course, I did tell him that this means he is no longer exempted from any and all painting projects around the house because he supposedly doesn’t know how to paint. He obviously knows how!

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It’s Really Happening!

I was warned that if I didn’t enroll in a birthing class soon, the closest open class would begin several months post-birth. Then I found out that I couldn’t take a birthing class unless I knew where I would be giving birth. Which was an issue, because I’ve been arguing with family about the location of the birth. I’m not going to lie, home birth has its appealing aspects to me, but frankly, two things ruled it out for me: 1) I have really terrible dogs who would bark constantly, and 2) the smell scares me a lot. The medical aspects didn’t scare me, because I assume that any midwife I’d choose would be able to tell if I or the baby needed a hospital. So I’ve been looking into non-hospital births because hospitals scare the heck out of me and I would really rather not be in a hospital if I can help it. Unfortunately, absolutely nobody supports a non-hospital birth in my life. The discussion that I planned to draw out until I got my way was, unfortunately, sped up and a decision had to be made this week. Argh. 

So, off to the hospitals we went (yes, I made Justin come, which astonished the nurse at Stormont). In the end, I think we decided on St. Francis. The nurse didn’t bat an eye when I asked if they supported non-epidural pain management such as walking around and she even talked about the different birthing positions I could use. Stormont also might have frightened me when they described attaching a tracking device to my baby’s umbilical cord so nobody could steal my baby. I’m not one of those people who wants to hear about that. I’m not even ready to talk about all of the terrible things that could happen during childbirth, so I definitely don’t want to talk about terrible things that could happen AFTER childbirth.

So, St. Francis it is! Suddenly this is very real. Very, very real. Justin was so cute asking questions of the nurses. I thought he was going to go so far as to form an opinion, but alas, his opinion was, “Whatever makes you happy, dear.” I swear, sometimes I think I took his training too far. 

The upper respiratory infection is gone, thank goodness. That z-pack was terrible. Poor Kingsley has recovered from when I accidentally gave him non-drowsy Benadryl instead of regular Benadryl. The poor guy was up absolutely all night and miserable. Justin called it my first official mommy fail. 

I’ve been starting my registries. Yes, multiple registries. Who can find everything they want at one store? As much as Justin complained that I was buying everything we need and would have nothing left for people to buy, I have to say, that did not happen. I can’t believe how many things I need! It’s also hard finding unisex items. Even though I plan on finding out if we’re having a boy or girl, I still want gender neutral items because I do plan on having multiple children and it’d be nice to not have to buy all new big-ticket items. Plus I have had a few friends who’ve been told they’re having a girl only to be surprised with a boy at delivery (a boy who, sadly, goes home in pink clothes in a pink car seat).

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What a Day!

Well this has been an interesting day!

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been terribly short of breath. As in, walking from my door to my car makes me sound like I just ran a marathon. And with the shortness of breath comes chest pain. So I called the doctor office this morning to reschedule my routine check-up and asked them what OTC medicine I could take for it. As soon as I said the shortness of breath caused pain, they told me to call my regular doctor. My doctor had me come in. Long story short, she diagnosed me with upper respiratory infection, mostly because, without an x-ray (which is a last resort, given Baby M), she really doesn’t know what it is. So, she put me on some antibiotics and if I’m not better by Friday, the x-ray is up. One great thing is that the antibiotics don’t seem to be made for a pregnant lady’s slightly less-than-steel belly. 

Fast forward to this evening, and I finally visited a blog someone recommended to me, http://www.pregnantchicken.com. Her most recent post was all about how to get your lady bits back in order after birth. Let me just say, I’m scared. I wasn’t scared until now. How is it that watching birth videos and reading about the birth doesn’t scare me, but reading about recovery makes me want to cross my legs and pray they develop a new way to just teleport Baby M out of my belly and into my arms. Apparently I’ll be wanting lots of ice, pressure, and stool softeners post-birth. I’ve seen less horrifying descriptions of how to put intestines back into abdomens. 

Luckily, I made myself feel better with massively cheesey (a bit of self-prescribed help for the antibiotic problems) grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. I feel much better now (in so many ways)!

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