Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

22 weeks! I’m 5 and a half months pregnant. I only have 3 and a half months left before I meet Baby M. It’s weird, but I’m completely not ready. Right now I’m getting to know him, and I have him all to myself. Like right now, I know him well enough to know that he hates when I sit down. He gets very cramped in there and will make his opinions known by kicking or punching the exact same spot of my uterus until it feels bruised. The more active I am, the less active he is. He’s going to be one of those babies that gets soothed the best when you hit that fine line between shaken baby and gentle bouncing.

Oh, and even more importantly, it’s my birthday! 28 years old. Or, as I like to say, I’m getting good at celebrating my 25th birthday. I got a super duper camera for my birthday. Pictures to come, of course. It’s been a pretty low-key day. The highlight was watching my fabulous sister get prettied up for prom. She looked so great!

Well, back to watching the Griswolds make their way to Walley World!

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Over Halfway Done!

A couple 21 week pictures!

In case you can’t read it, the onesie says “It was the dog.” Justin liked this picture because he said Laika looked very guilty, unlike whenever I blame it on the dogs. Don’t judge me. Pregnancy produces unwanted side effects. Lots and lots of unwanted side effects. So far the biggest sufferer of my side effects has been Justin. Poor guy just has a sensitive nose, I think.

And, because I can’t believe I didn’t post it earlier, introducing Nana!

Poor Justin felt the need to very seriously tell me that I cannot, in fact, strap our baby to Laika. I thought about messing with him a bit and letting him believe that I intended to let Laika carry our baby around, but he looked so darn worried I couldn’t do it.

I can’t believe that in 19 short weeks (or thereabout) we will have a new little man in our lives. It’s unreal. I feel like Justin and I just started talking seriously about bringing him into our lives. Everything happened so fast, and it’s going so quickly, that I’m worried I’m not going to remember everything. Like this morning when M woke me up with his kicking. It’s such an awesome feeling. Sure, sometimes he kicks my bladder and it doesn’t feel so great, but overall, I’m loving it. I could feel his kick with my hand this morning, but Justin couldn’t. I think M knows when I’m trying to show him off and he decides to target another area.

One symptom I’m done with: the dreams. They’re terrible! I feel like I am just dreaming all night long, and they’re not usually pleasant dreams. I wake up sweating all over and nearly hyperventilating. This morning I was dreaming that Justin left me in the middle of my pregnancy. I know these dreams are hard on Justin, too, because…well…I usually have a hard time separating dreams from reality in the middle of the night and in the morning.

Justin is treating me to lunch (I think just to get me away from the Baby Story). I think he’s also trying to make me develop a craving other than iced tea.

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Baby M’s First Pictures!

Are you ready for a fabulously photogenic face (along with a heavy dose of alliteration)?



This is a full body profile picture. Notice the beautiful spine along the bottom. His head is tilted back in this picture (in the middle of a temper tantrum?). Head is to the right, legs tucked up along his belly.


His foot is in the middle of the black area. Toes are to the right.

Anyone remember the movie I, Robot? I think his face pictures look like Sonny the robot. I’m telling myself they look like Sonny and not all the evil (I’m sorry, badly programmed) robots, even though they all looked exactly the same.


This is his face from the front. His face is to the right, abdomen to the left. You can see his nose (more white than surroundings), his mouth to the left of the nose (complete with his fully formed lips), and his eyes to the right of the nose.


This face is the same as the last one, except with the addition of his hand! See the white-ish blob above his face? That's his hand.

And finally, the picture we will show all of his first dates. “The technician told us not all boy parts were so clearly identified!” I picture Justin and I being the embarrassing parents on a level of American Pie. I’m sure it will be a source of pride between us. Hey, we all have to excel at something in life.


Once you look at it like he's sitting on a glass table, you can clearly recognize his two legs...and his third.

Now, I know that deciphering sonogram pictures is about as easy as seeing the old lady/young lady or Jesus in your toast, so I’ve tried to explain the pictures a bit. However, if you still can’t see anything, just smile and nod. Not now, you’d look like an idiot smiling and nodding at your computer. I mean when I talk to you about them later.

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It’s A BOY!!!

Baby M is still Baby M, but M now stands for Mister!  


It's a boy!

Sonogram pictures coming soon. I feel like I shouldn’t post pictures of poor Baby M’s penis all over the internet before he’s even made an appearance, but I only feel that way because I think other people feel that way. I personally have been showing all the random people I know pictures of my baby’s penis all day. “Hey, Mr. Recycling Guy. We had a conversation once. Wanna see a penis, and not in a gay way?” 

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He/She’s a Kicker!

A few weeks ago, I thought I was feeling Baby M kick. It was a weird popping feeling. I was told by several people that no, that wasn’t the baby kicking, that was just gas. The baby would feel like butterflies. So of course I didn’t write down the date or anything, because who documents gas? Well, I never did feel butterflies, but eventually the pops got more and more pronounced and I can now tell the difference between a baby kick and a baby flip. It’s such a great feeling!

There’s only one problem. Baby M is most active while/immediately after I pee. THAT is weird. I mean, I’ve always felt I had an ever-filling bladder, but apparently Baby M feels the same way. My bladder also must take up a LOT of room in there, and Baby hosts a mini celebration every time he gets that room back. I understand his/her feelings. I’ve certainly celebrated the departure of a few roommates. But it’s just a little unnerving when that celebration is occurring inside of me.

In six days we find out of Baby M is a he or a she. Or, as I keep telling Justin, Baby M & M. He doesn’t enjoy my constant comments about twins and told me that I would be MUCH bigger if there were two babies in there. I’m just saying, there are a LOT of noises going on in there when I listen with the fetal doppler.

To be honest, I really thought I’d have much more to talk about with this pregnancy. I read the baby books about all the constant changes my body will be going through, but I just haven’t experienced them yet. So far I’ve been growing in the normal places and waiting for something really spectacular to happen, other than a stretch mark. I’d really like my investment into a multitude of stretch mark creams to not be in vain. I think it should be a law that mothers receive a rose (or gem, whatever) for every stretch mark she gained on every Mother’s Day. Of course, I have many plans for my gifts, and Justin seems to think the appropriate response is not studious note-taking, but rather to just smile and nod. We’ll see how he likes a cranky non-spoiled wife!

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I have to say, I’m somewhat disappointed by my lack of cravings so far. My cravings have been very short-lived, and I’m still not sure if they’re pregnancy cravings or just my usual cravings that I’m indulging more readily. I was kind of looking forward to craving pickles and ice cream. Oh well, only halfway through now, so I still have time!

I wanted to list all the cravings I’ve had so far, just in case I start to forget them.

Jelly beans (a few hours before I found out I was pregnant, I went to the mall and bought $30 worth of jelly beans. Justin’s exact words were, “If you’re this bad now, imagine what you’ll be like when you’re pregnant!”)

Cuties (the clementine/orange – I loved them until just looking at them gave me heartburn!)

Strawberry limeades (this one made such a surge that Justin said he was going to buy stock in Sonic. He was even bringing them to work for me!)

Peanut butter jelly sandwiches, especially when they’re made while singing the peanut butter jelly time song.

Orange soda (one of the few sodas I can drink without caffeine)

Tiger’s blood snow cones (the snow cone shack finally opened!)

I know there are more things that I’ve craved, but unfortunately, my most recent pregnancy symptom has reared its head: forgetfulness and distractedness. I can’t pay attention to anything anymore! Yesterday morning I even left the house without make-up, which is probably the first time I’ve done that since junior high. Make-up is an absolute necessity for me. I can’t believe I did that! And now I’m completely distracted because it’s my turn for my latest pregnancy craving: Downton Abbey. I’m calling it a pregnancy craving because I’m pretty sure that’s the only way I can watch “PBS soap opera” (per Justin).

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