He/She’s a Kicker!

A few weeks ago, I thought I was feeling Baby M kick. It was a weird popping feeling. I was told by several people that no, that wasn’t the baby kicking, that was just gas. The baby would feel like butterflies. So of course I didn’t write down the date or anything, because who documents gas? Well, I never did feel butterflies, but eventually the pops got more and more pronounced and I can now tell the difference between a baby kick and a baby flip. It’s such a great feeling!

There’s only one problem. Baby M is most active while/immediately after I pee. THAT is weird. I mean, I’ve always felt I had an ever-filling bladder, but apparently Baby M feels the same way. My bladder also must take up a LOT of room in there, and Baby hosts a mini celebration every time he gets that room back. I understand his/her feelings. I’ve certainly celebrated the departure of a few roommates. But it’s just a little unnerving when that celebration is occurring inside of me.

In six days we find out of Baby M is a he or a she. Or, as I keep telling Justin, Baby M & M. He doesn’t enjoy my constant comments about twins and told me that I would be MUCH bigger if there were two babies in there. I’m just saying, there are a LOT of noises going on in there when I listen with the fetal doppler.

To be honest, I really thought I’d have much more to talk about with this pregnancy. I read the baby books about all the constant changes my body will be going through, but I just haven’t experienced them yet. So far I’ve been growing in the normal places and waiting for something really spectacular to happen, other than a stretch mark. I’d really like my investment into a multitude of stretch mark creams to not be in vain. I think it should be a law that mothers receive a rose (or gem, whatever) for every stretch mark she gained on every Mother’s Day. Of course, I have many plans for my gifts, and Justin seems to think the appropriate response is not studious note-taking, but rather to just smile and nod. We’ll see how he likes a cranky non-spoiled wife!

By themagnificentms

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