Over Halfway Done!

A couple 21 week pictures!

In case you can’t read it, the onesie says “It was the dog.” Justin liked this picture because he said Laika looked very guilty, unlike whenever I blame it on the dogs. Don’t judge me. Pregnancy produces unwanted side effects. Lots and lots of unwanted side effects. So far the biggest sufferer of my side effects has been Justin. Poor guy just has a sensitive nose, I think.

And, because I can’t believe I didn’t post it earlier, introducing Nana!

Poor Justin felt the need to very seriously tell me that I cannot, in fact, strap our baby to Laika. I thought about messing with him a bit and letting him believe that I intended to let Laika carry our baby around, but he looked so darn worried I couldn’t do it.

I can’t believe that in 19 short weeks (or thereabout) we will have a new little man in our lives. It’s unreal. I feel like Justin and I just started talking seriously about bringing him into our lives. Everything happened so fast, and it’s going so quickly, that I’m worried I’m not going to remember everything. Like this morning when M woke me up with his kicking. It’s such an awesome feeling. Sure, sometimes he kicks my bladder and it doesn’t feel so great, but overall, I’m loving it. I could feel his kick with my hand this morning, but Justin couldn’t. I think M knows when I’m trying to show him off and he decides to target another area.

One symptom I’m done with: the dreams. They’re terrible! I feel like I am just dreaming all night long, and they’re not usually pleasant dreams. I wake up sweating all over and nearly hyperventilating. This morning I was dreaming that Justin left me in the middle of my pregnancy. I know these dreams are hard on Justin, too, because…well…I usually have a hard time separating dreams from reality in the middle of the night and in the morning.

Justin is treating me to lunch (I think just to get me away from the Baby Story). I think he’s also trying to make me develop a craving other than iced tea.

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