Officially Freaking Out Mode

I’ve officially entered the freak-out mode. I’m 30 weeks along and am getting my registries finished. Here’s what triggered my freak-out mode: did you know there are approximately one million different types of pacifiers? It’s true. One million. Give or take a few hundred thousand. How do you know you’ve chosen the right kind? Yes, one part of me is thinking that it’s just a pacifier, but another part of me is thinking about future orthodontic bills. The poor child is already predisposed to terrible teeth if it’s a genetic thing, and what if I choose a certain type of pacifier that’s found in 10 years to really screw up a child’s teeth? Now I’ve just given my child years of pain and cost myself lots of money because I didn’t take the extra time to fully research pros and cons of pacifiers. And that’s just pacifiers! What about diapers, blankets, medicine…there are just so many choices!

I know this is just a mood that’s been brought on by cabin fever (it’s way too hot to leave the house!), and I’m looking forward to returning to my laid back attitude of “eh, it sure won’t kill him.”

By themagnificentms

Whoa. 29 Weeks?

Tomorrow I will officially be 29 weeks along. Where has the time gone? How is this possible? I feel like someone is playing a joke on me. I look at myself and think there’s no WAY I’m 7 months pregnant. In just 11 weeks I will have Baby M in my arms. Ok, give or take a couple weeks. 

M is getting very active. It’s so fun. His most active times are mid-morning and mid-afternoon, right about an hour after breakfast and lunch. And when he’s active, he’s very active. I’ve been a little sad that he isn’t more active in the evenings, because Justin hasn’t been able to see a really good active session. People are always around on the weekends or we’re out doing something, and he’s not very active when I’m moving around. Luckily last night we were playing music for M and he got pretty active after that. Justin got to see a couple good whole-stomach shifts. 

Speaking of music, the other day I played LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It on my stomach (not intentionally, just had the laptop on my belly) and M went CRAZY. He moved from one side of the belly to the other the entire song. I think he was doing a little wiggle wiggle wiggle of his own in there. Of course he hasn’t shown that reaction since, but I’m sure it’ll happen again soon. 

I’m nervous because tomorrow after work I will be hopping in the car and driving 5 hours to the Ozarks. I’m sure my back will be raging by the time I get there. But since I was already a pain in the butt complaining that I won’t get to spend much time out there being the super sober one in a group of non-sober partiers, I’m going to try to suck it up. Weekend resolution: no complaining! 

By themagnificentms

The Day of Food

I’ve been having such a great day. 

Friday, I had the day off work and Justin told me I would have a relaxing day. We had painted the nursery Thursday night (pictures to come), and I was already sore. Justin’s so cute. This is his first experience with nesting, so he hasn’t figured out yet that it is physically impossible for me to sit still unless I’m very sore. So I cleaned all day (yay for mopped and polished floors!). Friday night we played our first game of sand volleyball of the season, and we rocked it. We won both matches. If you knew our team, you’d understand what a giant miracle this is. 

Saturday, Justin instructed me to have a lazy day. He queued up my recorded Design Star episodes and…I couldn’t do it. I was so sore from volleyball, but I really wanted to change the light fixture in the nursery. I also had some wedding shower shopping to do. While I was out, I tried to find a maternity swimsuit and shorts. Neither exist in Topeka. I found a swimsuit at Target a few weeks ago that just is NOT working for in public. I thought it covered everything, but…well…things shift in the water. And poor Great Wolf Lodge got a public viewing. So, I need a new swimsuit. But I’m gathering from the lack of selection here in Topeka that nobody wants to see a preggo in so few clothing. Same with the shorts. It turns out I really hate maternity pants with the elastic. They’re the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever worn. But it’s really hard to find shorts that are low-cut to avoid the belly but still long enough that the dreaded cellulite is covered (yes, it turns out the cellulite didn’t go away with pregnancy). But, no dice. Saturday was a shopping failure but a light fixture success. That’s right, I successfully changed my very first light fixture! I can check minor household electrical work off my list of accomplishments! 

So today, I woke up barely able to move. Justin didn’t even have to bother with a threat. I camped out on the couch and just couldn’t move. So Sunday turned into a day of food. So far today, I’ve eaten three pancakes, several handfuls of Peanut Butter M&Ms, a couple cups of Cheez-its, a can of peas, and half a jar of green olives. I can honestly say that this is the most I’ve eaten this entire pregnancy. My tummy is FULL. But there are some pickles calling my name. I’m blaming this darn Food Network. They should call it A Preggo’s Worst Nightmare Network. Every time I think I’m done eating, a show highlights something that just looks fabulous, and I think “Well, if I can’t have that, I’ll have….”  

But I have to admit, this entire day of television and couch has been great. I think I need to start scheduling these and making myself stick to them. You know, while I still can.

By themagnificentms

Well Hello, Third Trimester!

The third trimester is officially here and I can’t tell you how surprised I am by it! I hit third trimester last Friday, and for about a week beforehand and ever since, I’ve been amazed at how comfortable I’ve been. My back had been hurting, but I went and got new shoes (Crocs, and you can make all the jokes you want but I’m not taking them off!) and no more back pain. Baby M feels huge, but in a good way. Well, maybe not a completely good way. Now that he’s getting bigger and I can feel absolutely every movement, he feels much more alien-ish (this could also be due to watching Aliens recently). He’s also been moving a lot slower lately. I don’t get so many kicks and jabs (my bladder is rejoicing), but he is definitely stretching in there. A few times a day I can see a giant bulge on both sides of my belly and can feel him pushing both sides. And when he moves from one side to the other, it’s no longer a rapid movement, it’s a slow, drawn-out process. It is the weirdest feeling in the world, and the only way I’ve found to describe it is alien-ish.

My dad took me to What to Expect this weekend, and I was annoyed. There was a character that they had quite a bit of fun with because she was “that” pregnant lady that doesn’t have any bad symptoms and was happy (okay, creepy ecstatic) about being pregnant. Well, phooey on them. I look around at all the miserable preggos and just can’t help but feel fabulous about how well I’m feeling! When I do get a bad pregnancy symptom, it’s so short-lived it just doesn’t feel worth complaining. Am I going to have to down a bottle of Tums after these Thai leftovers? Sure, but it takes away the heartburn and I still get to enjoy yummy Thai. Does Justin sometimes evacuate certain parts of the house due to the smell? Sure, but that’s his complaint, not mine, so it obviously doesn’t count. I’m pretty sure the adjectives he chooses to use are complete exaggerations. And of course, I’ve had a few angry moments that seem a bit irrational after the moment’s passed, but let’s face it, that’s halfway me just being me. I run out of breath quite often lately, but that’s just a welcome excuse to be lazy. “Gee, honey, I’m going to sound like an old man with COPD if I go get the laundry, couldn’t you?” And then it becomes his complaint, not mine, and, once again, doesn’t count. I still have yet to pee my pants and I’ve only woken up in the middle of the night due to my bladder a couple times, and I’m just so happy about that I can’t even put it into words!

I’m going to blame all of my airhead moments on pregnancy brain, though. The other day I couldn’t figure out why my car was so darn hot. Justin just had his air conditioner worked on, so I was thinking I should probably take my car in and get it looked at too. Two blocks from home, I finally realized that I still had the heater on from that morning. Yep, blaming that one on the pregnancy brain.

So, to summarize: all is well, and if you try to tell me differently, I’ll have an irrational anger moment (but that’s not pregnancy-related). And now, a third trimester picture. I’m finally starting to look pregnant!

By themagnificentms