Officially Freaking Out Mode

I’ve officially entered the freak-out mode. I’m 30 weeks along and am getting my registries finished. Here’s what triggered my freak-out mode: did you know there are approximately one million different types of pacifiers? It’s true. One million. Give or take a few hundred thousand. How do you know you’ve chosen the right kind? Yes, one part of me is thinking that it’s just a pacifier, but another part of me is thinking about future orthodontic bills. The poor child is already predisposed to terrible teeth if it’s a genetic thing, and what if I choose a certain type of pacifier that’s found in 10 years to really screw up a child’s teeth? Now I’ve just given my child years of pain and cost myself lots of money because I didn’t take the extra time to fully research pros and cons of pacifiers. And that’s just pacifiers! What about diapers, blankets, medicine…there are just so many choices!

I know this is just a mood that’s been brought on by cabin fever (it’s way too hot to leave the house!), and I’m looking forward to returning to my laid back attitude of “eh, it sure won’t kill him.”

By themagnificentms

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