The Mighty Change

I’ve been pregnant for 39 weeks as of today (or thereabout). All in all, I’m feeling darn good. The discomfort of a few weeks ago has, for the most part, disappeared. The back pain hits me after a long walk or lots of bending, but nothing too terrible. I’ve even avoided waking up in the middle of the night for the last week or so! I know you’d think that, given the return of comfort, I’d be back to thinking I want to be pregnant forever. Wrong. A week ago, I started having contractions. Justin was in Kansas City, so I started chugging water and laying very still. I’d heard that can hold off labor for a while. Well, it worked. The pains went away after a couple hours and I went to sleep, bags completely packed on the table. Justin got home a few minutes later, saw the bags, and went running through the house, turning on lights, hollering “What’s going on? Are we going to the hospital?!” Of course he’d been at a concert, so his voice was hoarse and he sounded like Grover. But the thing was, when I told him it wasn’t happening, we were both disappointed. It wasn’t a “whew” moment, like I thought it’d be. All of a sudden, we are ready to meet M. Both of us. I know labor is scary, and I’m adequately scared, but more than that, I can’t wait to sit on the couch with Justin and M.

At my doctor appointment on Tuesday, I was given my ultimatum of two weeks before induction, so I’ve started taking the stairs a lot and going on more walks. Justin and I went on a long walk this afternoon and enlisted the help of the dogs. Poor dogs are not ready for this. I don’t mean the baby, I mean the long hopeful labor-inducing walks. It turns out I have very lazy and out of shape dogs.

Since I fully plan on going into labor this weekend, Justin insisted I live up to one of my pregnancy promises…take a picture barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Warning: I’m huge.

That’s right, I made brownies. Well, kinda. They’re these really awesome brownie bars that the neighborhood grandma made when I was a kid. They’re fabulous. And yes, Laika thought she was going to get one. She didn’t.

So hopefully, my next post will be to announce the arrival of little M!


By themagnificentms

Comfort Above All Else

You may look at the above picture and think, “Is she wearing a mumu? Has she lost all self-respect?” and the answer is yes. Yes I have. I have two comfortable pairs of pants, both of which were dirty, and this dress looked so comfortable. And it was. It’s just so great. It’s so great I was able to ignore the stares of everyone and the occasional “You’re ready to pop!” You know, the thought of labor and delivery is scary enough, you don’t need to add the imagery of “popping” to it.

I am now 37 weeks along. 37! I have three weeks left! At the absolute most, M will be joining us in five weeks (if I go two weeks past my due date). I still need to pack my hospital bag, but when I do that, I’ll be ready to go, which is probably why I’ll still be procrastinating when my water breaks.

I finally bought my very first maternity shirt, just because it’s so darn cute. But of course, I washed it wrong and shrank it, so it’s no longer a maternity shirt.


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The Difference of a Week

Ah, the difference a week can make! The discomfort has reared its ugly head. My back hurts, my stomach is all crampy and uncomfortable, and M is pushing the boundaries of my personal space.

All in all, I still can’t complain. As long as I stay off my feet for the most part, my back is okay. I’m not sure how to get my stomach to quit being crampy and nasty, but I’m working on it, because I still have three and a half weeks left. The doctor said last week everything is progressing normally.

The most exciting part of this week:

I got to park in the expectant mothers’ parking spot!

By themagnificentms