Comfort Above All Else

You may look at the above picture and think, “Is she wearing a mumu? Has she lost all self-respect?” and the answer is yes. Yes I have. I have two comfortable pairs of pants, both of which were dirty, and this dress looked so comfortable. And it was. It’s just so great. It’s so great I was able to ignore the stares of everyone and the occasional “You’re ready to pop!” You know, the thought of labor and delivery is scary enough, you don’t need to add the imagery of “popping” to it.

I am now 37 weeks along. 37! I have three weeks left! At the absolute most, M will be joining us in five weeks (if I go two weeks past my due date). I still need to pack my hospital bag, but when I do that, I’ll be ready to go, which is probably why I’ll still be procrastinating when my water breaks.

I finally bought my very first maternity shirt, just because it’s so darn cute. But of course, I washed it wrong and shrank it, so it’s no longer a maternity shirt.


By themagnificentms

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