The Mighty Change

I’ve been pregnant for 39 weeks as of today (or thereabout). All in all, I’m feeling darn good. The discomfort of a few weeks ago has, for the most part, disappeared. The back pain hits me after a long walk or lots of bending, but nothing too terrible. I’ve even avoided waking up in the middle of the night for the last week or so! I know you’d think that, given the return of comfort, I’d be back to thinking I want to be pregnant forever. Wrong. A week ago, I started having contractions. Justin was in Kansas City, so I started chugging water and laying very still. I’d heard that can hold off labor for a while. Well, it worked. The pains went away after a couple hours and I went to sleep, bags completely packed on the table. Justin got home a few minutes later, saw the bags, and went running through the house, turning on lights, hollering “What’s going on? Are we going to the hospital?!” Of course he’d been at a concert, so his voice was hoarse and he sounded like Grover. But the thing was, when I told him it wasn’t happening, we were both disappointed. It wasn’t a “whew” moment, like I thought it’d be. All of a sudden, we are ready to meet M. Both of us. I know labor is scary, and I’m adequately scared, but more than that, I can’t wait to sit on the couch with Justin and M.

At my doctor appointment on Tuesday, I was given my ultimatum of two weeks before induction, so I’ve started taking the stairs a lot and going on more walks. Justin and I went on a long walk this afternoon and enlisted the help of the dogs. Poor dogs are not ready for this. I don’t mean the baby, I mean the long hopeful labor-inducing walks. It turns out I have very lazy and out of shape dogs.

Since I fully plan on going into labor this weekend, Justin insisted I live up to one of my pregnancy promises…take a picture barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Warning: I’m huge.

That’s right, I made brownies. Well, kinda. They’re these really awesome brownie bars that the neighborhood grandma made when I was a kid. They’re fabulous. And yes, Laika thought she was going to get one. She didn’t.

So hopefully, my next post will be to announce the arrival of little M!


By themagnificentms

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