Officially Overdue

Well, today I’m officially overdue. I’m now 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Last night was a full moon, so I was positive I’d go into labor. No such luck. Instead I spent the night winning a foozball tournament with Justin. That’s right, we win at something! My athletic prowess totally ends with foozball, though. Hopefully M inherits his dad’s athleticism and not mine, otherwise junior high and high school will be tough for him.

I did remember to take a due date picture, though. I repeat my previous warning: I’m huge.


This child cannot get any bigger. Seriously.

As I was walking away, Justin snapped another picture. I had just enough warning to make this face:

I thought it was the perfect expression of how I feel about M not making his grand entrance yet. And yes, you’re more than welcome to remind me that I called labor and delivery a “grand entrance” when I’m in the middle of it. Just so long as I’m more than welcome to slap you.

Well, one of these days I’ll make my Welcome M post!


By themagnificentms

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