A Few of my Favorite Things

I ordered a whole slew of prints from Wolfe’s today, and it got me reminiscing about just how adorable my beautiful baby is. So, instead of running the errands I need to do, I’m posting some of my favorite pictures up to now.

A few weeks before Mitchell came, we took our “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” picture. Laika thought the brownies were for her.

This was only a couple days before Mitchell came. At this point, I was even having a few contractions and thought for sure I’d be in the hospital by nightfall. Alas, he was quite comfortable in there!

My feelings at still being pregnant at 41 weeks!

I’ll never forget those first moments. I was flabbergasted that something so perfect came out of me. I can’t even describe the overwhelming – and conflicting – emotions that were flowing through me at that point.

The ever-doting father. His constant presence was such a relief for me.

I know I say that I never want to forget a single thing about this wild ride, but this is one picture that I really wish I could forget. I was only a few hours post-delivery when Justin came back from the NICU and showed this to me. I’ve never felt so sad, terrified, lonely, and pretty much every other bad emotion you can think of. I just kept wondering what I’d done wrong. I walked every day, I ate right, I tried to do everything right, and somehow I’d done something so wrong that my poor baby was hooked up to all these wires and tubes and couldn’t be with me.

When I was moved to my recovery room, I was feeling pretty lonely with Mitchell in the NICU, so Justin handed me this stuffed elephant and told me to cuddle with it when I was feeling down. I thought it was silly at first, but it really did help. This is a picture Justin grabbed when I passed out for one of my 15 minute dead-to-the-world naps.


This was Mitchell’s first night in the room with us. I was so excited to have him with us. I’m surprised I let go of him long enough for Justin to hold him.

His first photo shoot! The photographer came to our room. I wasn’t expecting her, so I only had time to put Mitchell in a onesie and his adorable football hat.

Our first night home. No, Mitchell didn’t sleep with us. I just laid him with Justin while I was getting ready that morning.

My little thinker! I promise I didn’t pose him, his hand just naturally went up there. He still assumes this pose when he’s tired.

Look how LONG this guy is! And only a week old! How did he fit in my tummy?

First KSU game! I don’t want to brag, but KSU hasn’t lost a game since he was born.

One of my exhausted moments.

His first bath! He’s so tiny.

Tuxedo t-shirt!

Little Mr. Grumps.

His first time with the playmat. He loved it! And still does.

Another napping moment. Laika joined us for this one.

My hands-down absolute favorite picture so far, because it’s his first official smile for the camera! He’d been smiling a bit for a couple days, but I just couldn’t get him to do it for the camera. I smile every single time I see this picture.

Our first family picture outside the hospital. This was Mitchell’s first visit to the zoo!

Mitchell in his sling. He loves this thing as long as I’m moving. Once I stand still, though, he realizes he’s confined and can’t stretch out and gets very angry.

Well, there you have it. My favorite pictures so far.

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7 Whole Weeks!

Mitchell is seven whole weeks old today!

He’s perfecting his smile, much to his mommy and daddy’s delight. He’s such a happy baby! He’s been smiling in response to us talking to him since about 4.5 weeks, but he definitely does it more often now. And he’s just so adorable! The new sound this week is blowing bubbles. He almost always has a drool spot on his chin from blowing bubbles. He’s also discovered his new best friend, his fist. He went through a phase about a week ago when he found his thumb, but he must’ve decided that if a thumb was fun, a fist was best (I know, not a good rhyme, but you try it!). He’s also started farting and pooping throughout his meals. He has a party in his tummy, and it has a strict one-in-one-out policy.

And…more pictures!

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6 Weeks!

Mitchell is a whole six weeks old!

My little baby was born about an hour ago six weeks ago. I just can’t believe it. Know what else I can’t believe? He is 11 pounds 4 ounces and 25 inches long. He’s only in the 50-75th percentile in weight, but he’s in the 97th percentile for length! My little NBA star (or, as I like to think of him, my little retirement fund).

Here’s how he’s progressed:

In the hospital. Look at that skinny little guy!

One week old. Still a skinny little thing.


Two weeks old. Look how baggy that newborn diaper is!


Three weeks old. Finally getting a little pudge to that tummy!

Four weeks old. Getting a little more of a belly, and arms and legs are starting to finally fill out!

Five weeks old. Look how long he’s getting!


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So Many Pictures

This weekend a shower was thrown for Mitchell in White City. He came away with oodles of new clothes and goodies, and since Aunt Teri was in charge of the camera, uber oodles of pictures. He also had his first trip to the zoo this weekend, and I learned some very important lessons.

Lesson 1: Do not EVER tempt fate by forgetting a change of clothes when you’re headed out of town. It’s a bad idea.

Lesson 2: If you find a diaper that your little guy, for some reason, doesn’t have blow-outs in, don’t try to use another brand, especially if you’re headed out of town without a change of clothes.

Lesson 3: Never ever tempt fate by remarking at night, “We only have a few diapers left. We really need to go to Target in the morning for more diapers.”

Lesson 4: When baby is groaning and straining, don’t think you can quickly switch out the diaper. You can’t. Bad things will happen, most likely at 2:30 am.

Lesson 5: Babies take it a a challenge to break in brand new things with a little bodily excretion, especially if you’re at the beginning of an outing with very few spare diapers.

Well, I feel like a much better educated mother after this weekend! I’m a quick learner, at least I hope I am, because those were some really disgusting lessons to learn.


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The Nursery

How’s the nursery holding up, you ask? Pretty well! Before he got old enough to completely demolish it, I decided to take pictures of it. Enjoy!

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5 Weeks!

Mitchell is five whole weeks old! Ok, yesterday, but the poor guy spent his 5 week birthday with really bad gas. But after a dose of gripe water this morning, he’s back to feeling great. I took him to the breastfeeding clinic yesterday, and he’s up to 10 pounds 12 ounces! The nurse couldn’t believe he’d gained so much weight already. We did a feeding weight check, where they take his weight pre-feeding and then post-feeding, and this guy takes SIX OUNCES per feeding. Six! She said usually breastfed babies take about three or four ounces. She said he must only eat every three hours or so, and I had to admit he still eats every hour and a half to two hours. No wonder he’s gaining weight so quickly!

And, of course, a couple more pictures. Justin managed to snap a couple pictures of me napping. I guess my energy levels aren’t as limitless as I thought!

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My Boy’s Growing Up!

Last night, Mitchell began his now-infamous routine of fighting his sleep. Out of curiosity, I decided to lay him in his bassinet. 5 minutes later with absolutely no fussing, Mitchell was fast asleep. I almost cried, and not for joy. He’s not even 5 weeks old and he already doesn’t need me to fall asleep! What’s next?

I have to say, this is NOT the type of mother I thought I’d be. I really thought I’d be a pragmatic, non-helicopter mom. I was completely wrong. When someone else is holding him and he starts to get fussy, I have to work very hard to not show my intense jealousy. I just want to snatch him back. He’s my baby and he obviously isn’t happy! Let me fix it! But I know this is crazy. No matter how badly I want to be there every single time he needs comforted, I know I can’t. I should get used to being on the sidelines now, especially since I go back to work next week. But it’s so hard! Sunday morning, I was completely exhausted so Justin decided to let me sleep in a bit. After I fed Mitchell, Justin took him to the living room and I tried to go back to sleep. It took forever. When I finally did fall asleep again, I had a nightmare that I had to leave Mitchell in someone else’s care and they left him alone. The poor baby was completely abandoned and I couldn’t find my way back to him. I woke up in a panic attack!

But I obviously can’t keep him at this age. He’s growing up. Tomorrow he will be 5 weeks old. So, since I can’t keep him at this age, I’m going to try to keep track of all the things I really don’t want to forget.

1. How great it is when he falls asleep with his head on my chest. He looks so happy and comfortable, and it’s absolutely my happiest moment.

2. The adorable mewing sound he makes when he isn’t ready to wake up yet but he’s being moved. It’s so soft it’s hard to hear, but it’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard.

3. The grunting/growling sound he makes when he knows the boob is near but he hasn’t managed to start nursing yet. It’s even cuter when he’s rooting and trying to latch.

4. The big smile he gets when I come stand over him, pick him up, or just start talking to him.

5. How much I love it when he just wants to be held. I’m specifically putting this one because I know that there will come a time when I’m exasperated and will say I just don’t want to hold him anymore. At that time, I want to look back and remember how beautiful this child is. I could stare at him for hours. He goes through so many expressions while he’s sleeping – smiling, grumpy, raised eyebrows, he even starts to cry in his sleep (it usually only lasts a few seconds). I guess I can also look back at this one when he’s 25 years old, unemployed, and still living at home and think, “Ah, that’s where I went wrong.”

6. His look of awe when he sees flashing lights. He even throws his mouth into a little “o” sometimes.

7. How surprised I am at just how much I love Justin and this little guy. Obviously I loved Justin already, but I had no idea how much more I could love him. The first time I saw Justin sprout a little tear at the sight of him, I fell in love just a little bit more. Every time he comes home and goes straight to Mitchell with a big smile on his face, I fall in love just a bit more. Whenever he grumbles at me for lifting more than 10 pounds, I realize just how lucky I am to have such a loving man. He loves us so much and I just can’t help but love him so much for showing it.

8. How easy it is to tell when Mitchell is having a BM. His grunts are one of his more recognizable sounds.

9. How easy it is to change his diaper right now. I’ve changed the diapers of older babies, so I know to be very thankful for this brief period of easy diaper changes. Well, easy until he does his business during the diaper change.

10. How easy it is to calm him down. No matter what’s wrong with him, there are several options to calm him down – show him his room’s strips, put him in his bouncer, put him in his swing, hold him, change his diaper, or feed him.

I think that’s it for now. I know there are more, but it’s hard to name all the reasons you love someone when you love absolutely everything about him.

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Ready To Say “AWWWW!!!!”?

Because I bet you any amount of money you can’t look at these pictures without making some sort of exclamation. They are the cutest things ever. Back story: it’s KSU game day. My favorite is this one:

He is just the cutest little man EVER! Feast your eyes on the rest of the pictures. Bonus points if you spot a very jealous puppy nose checking up on things.


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One Month Old!

I can’t believe it. My little Mitchell is ONE MONTH OLD.

One month ago today I was still in shock that I had a perfect little man. PERFECT. And now he’s a whole month old. I can’t believe an entire month has gone by. It seems like just yesterday I took a pregnancy test. And now ten months have gone by since that night. I can honestly say that they’ve been the happiest ten months of my life, and I just keep getting happier. It’s the best feeling in the world.

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The Newborn Pictures!

I just got the pictures Mitchell had taken in the hospital. I’m going to try to post them here so everyone can download them, but I’m not sure if it will work. If you want to get them printed somewhere, let me know and I’ll send you the copyright release.

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