7 Whole Weeks!

Mitchell is seven whole weeks old today!

He’s perfecting his smile, much to his mommy and daddy’s delight. He’s such a happy baby! He’s been smiling in response to us talking to him since about 4.5 weeks, but he definitely does it more often now. And he’s just so adorable! The new sound this week is blowing bubbles. He almost always has a drool spot on his chin from blowing bubbles. He’s also discovered his new best friend, his fist. He went through a phase about a week ago when he found his thumb, but he must’ve decided that if a thumb was fun, a fist was best (I know, not a good rhyme, but you try it!). He’s also started farting and pooping throughout his meals. He has a party in his tummy, and it has a strict one-in-one-out policy.

And…more pictures!

By themagnificentms

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