The Search for Mitchell’s Looks

It seems that everyone has a different opinion about who Mitchell looks like. I was getting pretty curious because I’d never seen pictures of Justin as a baby, so I really couldn’t know if Mitchell looked like him. So I nagged my way into some pictures of everyone and tried to match them up to pictures of Mitchell! Not only is it fun seeing facial features matching up, it’s really fun looking at the pictures and automatically knowing who’s who. So I’m going to post all the pictures and not list who’s who until the very end. (The size of the pictures has no bearing on who’s in the picture. That’s just the size of the picture I received.)

It goes: Buck (my grandpa), Jon (Justin’s dad), Joyce (my grandma), Justin, me, Mitch (my dad), and Shelly (my mom).

So who do you think Mitchell looks like? I really don’t know. I do know that he doesn’t look a whole lot like me, unfortunately. Bummer. And it looks like we found where he got his widow’s peak!

By themagnificentms

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