Happy Holidays!

Mitchell celebrated his first Thanksgiving by learning a new sound: the screech. It’s adorable! Whether in happiness or in anger, he spent all day today experimenting with this new sound. He’s even found a new way to say he’s hungry: a very high-pitched screech combined with an open-mouthed lunge for the chest of whoever is holding him. It’s pretty hilarious when Justin is holding him.

He got to join his grandpa, Aunt T and me for some Black Friday shopping. We got a really late start this year. I don’t think we left the house until like 8:30 or 9, but it was still fun. And Mitchell was so good during it. I was very impressed. He had such a busy day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday that I expected him to sleep all day today. Today was the very first day he spent the whole day in his pajamas! But instead he’s spent pretty much the whole day awake. I think he’s slept for all of an hour today. I can’t believe how wide awake he’s been. Even now, he’s smiling at me from his bouncer and trying to catch my attention (like it ever wavered).

Oh, and another fun thing he’s learned! Friday he discovered my phone. I had to get a new phone on Wednesday because I finally dropped mine at just the right angle to kill it. My new phone is huge and I set the home screen to a picture of Mitchell (of course). When the screen is locked and you touch it, it has a rippling effect and makes a dripping sound. Mitchell LOVES it. He likes looking at the picture and even loves the sound it makes when he touches it. Unfortunately he already tries to put it into his mouth, so I can tell this is going to be something I regret. But oh well, I’ve never made it two years with the same phone anyway.

And…pictures! Check out him with the book. He was trying to grab the pictures and really enjoying himself!

By themagnificentms

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