Mitchell is 12 weeks old today! How is this possible?!


Mitchell is teething in full force. On Friday we bought his first Sophie the Giraffe. So far he loves chewing on the legs, but he doesn’t quite have the coordination down to keep her in the right place for any long period. His mouth is too small for most of the other teethers I got. He’s being so good through it, though. I can tell his gums are really sore from how hard he’s trying to chew on things, but other than a little fuss, that’s really the only sign he’s shown. I got so lucky with this kid.

He’s doing so well going to work with me. He gets bored every once in a while and demands attention by squealing, but that’s really it. He’s coping with the lack of silence by just not sleeping. Today he slept for an hour over my lunch break, but that’s it. I love this age, though. He’s happy, he knows Justin and I and really shows it, but he’s still young enough to just conk out when he’s tired. I was walking through the grocery store tonight and he was awake, talking to a friend I had run into, and then the next second he was snoozing on my shoulder. Such an easy, fun age.

Mitchell tailgated for the first time last weekend! We tailgated for the KSU v. TX game and he was the hit of the party. Everyone loved him. He was so good, too! He hardly fussed at all. He napped twice (both times just on my shoulder) and fussed for about two minutes before each nap, but it wasn’t a loud fuss or anything, more of a whine.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now!

By themagnificentms

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