The Rollover!

We got a roll over! He had some tummy time at work, and he got angry enough that he was trying to arch his back in protest, and then he rolled over! He was as surprised as everyone else. One of my coworkers missed it, so I tried putting him on his stomach again, but that just made him very angry that he’d gone to all that work to roll over just to end up in the original position again. I feel your pain, buddy. Four months ago I found it hard to roll over as well. I felt like a darn turtle sometimes.

He had a much better time with the cereal tonight. I fed him while I was cooking dinner and I think the earlier time helped a lot. He made it almost all the way through before getting bored/angry.

You may notice me talking about his anger a bit. That’s because he’s finally developed a bit of a temper. It was inevitable, of course. The stubborn temper gene runs strong on my side. But he’s now throws bonafide temper tantrums. If I leave him in his little chair at work for two seconds longer than he’d like, he arches his back and tries to get out of it. He doesn’t scream or anything, he just arches his back and growls. It’s pretty cute, really.

No pictures this time, I just wanted to post about his big achievement before I forgot to write it down.

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Mitchell has upgraded to 2.0!



Can you believe it? I’ve put the stuffed 1 away (until next week, but that’s different). Oi. 20 weeks old. I refuse to believe it. Which bodes well for poor Mitchell later in life. I’m totally going to be one of those mothers retelling the same “You were THIS big when you were born. I remember it like it was yesterday” story every year for his birthday (and half birthday, and momentous occasions, etc.).

I’ve learned a lot of big lessons in the 20 weeks I’ve been a mother, but here’s the biggest: don’t judge another parent for their methods. Well, ok, maybe a little, but you know what I mean. Because inevitably, you’ll end up doing something weird. Like tonight, I fed Mitchell his cereal in the bathtub, because that’s the only place he was distracted enough to eat a little. He HATES cereal now. Extreme hatred. Arches his back and growls when he sees the spoon coming. I have no idea how to make him like it. It can’t really be the taste, because it’s just rice cereal. I guess he just enjoys the…ah…other food source a little too much. Oh well, though. It’s not like he’s losing weight or anything.

Another thing that’s changed: his sleeping habits. My lovely sleep-all-night baby has disappeared. For the last weekish, he’s been getting up once or twice a night to eat. And, I’m sorry to say, I’ve fallen asleep while feeding him a couple times and he’s had a nice long sleep with Mommy in the bed. Which he’s enjoyed. But Daddy hasn’t. Whoops. Anyway, I’m not really sure what brought on this change in sleeping. I thought he was uncomfortable, so we got a different bassinet, but that just made it worse. It’s not a big deal at this point, because he’s only up for five minutes or so at a time, but it still stinks that my lovely little sleeper is no more.

His hand-eye coordination is getting really good, though. When in his little travel swing at work, he reaches up and grabs the rhino mobile. He’s so darn close to rolling over, but he just can’t get that other arm out from under himself. Soon, I’m sure. I’m in no hurry. He can get himself pretty darn far already just by twisting and squirming.

More pictures!

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The Cereal Killer

Mitchell had his first cereal yesterday. He wasn’t a huge fan, but it was a much better experience than many I’ve seen. At least he didn’t get too upset or refuse the spoon or anything. I’m sure he’ll get better with time. Of course, we recorded it. Enjoy below. It had to be edited into two videos for size.

And of course, happy 19 weeks! Can you believe it? 19! My days are filled with fart noises now. The boy loves making those sounds. It can get a little awkward at work when he makes the sounds while I’m on the phone, but so far people have at least fake-believed me when I say it’s him.


And, pictures!

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Belated 18 Weeks

Mitchell turned 18 weeks on the 15th, and even though I managed to take pictures on that day, I’m just now getting around to posting it. This week has been so busy.



Mitchell’s growling a lot lately. It’s pretty great.

I really wish I had time to report more, but it’s already 6 AM, and I have to get to work early.

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The big 4.0

Mitchell had his big 4 month appointment today, and it went really well! I gave him some Tylenol half an hour before his appointment, and it must’ve worked, because even though he cried while they gave him his shots, I picked him up as soon as they were done and he started smiling and flirting with the nurses. And now he’s playing and happy as a clam (are clams happy? I don’t get that saying). I wish I’d waited just a couple minutes to take this video, because just a couple minutes later he was bouncing, having a good time, and stopped. And let out a GIANT fart. Then started bouncing even higher and squealing with happiness. I understand, kiddo. I completely understand. The power of a good fart is astonishing.

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Dear Son




Dear Son,

You are now four months old. You’re changing so much every day that I felt the need to sit down and tell you all the things I love about you right now. If this gets long, I apologize, but I pretty much love everything about you.

The last couple days have been a roller coaster of moods for you. Your teeth are really hurting you, and you can only get so many doses of Orajel a day. I promise I’m constantly looking for new and better ways to soothe your gums (hence the $50 I spent on various gum-soothing toys yesterday, but don’t tell your father). You’re being such a great baby through the pain, though. You still haven’t stopped bestowing that gorgeous grin on anyone that cares to chat with you. It’s just that you try to eat them immediately after grinning at them.

Speaking of eating, you’ve definitely figured out your food source. I have these tank tops that have an elastic neck so I can just pull them down to feed you. The problem is, you can also pull them down. And you do. In awkward moments, like when I’m sitting at the front desk at work or carrying you through the store. I’d never dream of stopping breastfeeding, though. I know it’s selfish, but I love these moments we have together. I love how much you love nursing. No matter how hungry you are or how angry you are that you were made to wait, you always look up and grin at me when you know you’re about to eat. When you were younger, you were what they call a barracuda eater. You could down an entire meal in a few minutes. And if you’re very hungry, you still can. But you’ve become much more lazy about it other times. You eat, look around, chat with me, then eat again, then look around, then eat, and so on. But you act like your world has ended if I try to end it early. Still, even with your new lazy eating patterns, it usually doesn’t take me more than ten minutes to feed you. And it’s so very worth it. The look of happiness on your face is always the best thing I could possibly imagine.

YOU are the best thing I can possibly imagine. A woman who is newly pregnant asked me yesterday if having a baby is as hard as everyone says it is. I had to be honest and say it’s way easier than I ever thought it could be. It just feels so natural, like you’ve always been a part of our lives. You feel like an extension of myself. I could no more leave you at home during errands than I could leave an arm.

Your personality has begun developing and, let me tell you, you’re a character. You are curious, mischievous, ornery, intelligent, and, above all, happy. You’re one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met. Some of my favorite moments have been watching you interact with your dad. When I sit on the couch with you in my lap, you will reach over, touch your father, and then get this huge grin when he looks at you. You adore him almost as much as he adores you. You’re also ornery. Sometimes you get bored and start hollering for attention. I can’t tell you how much I love the sly grin you give whoever you lure in with your hollering.

You are one of the most loving babies I know. I hope this continues. Sometimes you wake up from a nap and frantically look for your father or me. Once you see one of us, you smile and go back to sleep. It melts my heart. I really hope you don’t have champagne tastes, because I don’t know that I can ever tell you no.

Your curiosity amazes me. When you get a new toy, you study it for a minute or so before reaching out for it. When you do grab it, you look at it for a bit, then, of course, put it in your mouth. But you always seem to absorb everything. You have from the very moment you were born. The nurses in the operating room even remarked that they’d never seen a baby seem to study everything so early. They say babies can only see mere inches in front of them, but you never seemed to follow that rule. Sure, all babies stare off into space, but it was more than that. I think so, anyway.

I underestimated how biased a mother can be. In my eyes, you are heads and tails above the rest. Everything you do is miraculous. You’ve reached the stage where you like to stand, and your favorite thing is to stand in my lap. Almost as good as standing in my lap is sitting on my desk facing me. If I’m not paying attention to you, you will grab the side of my face and pull me toward you and give me a big old kiss (that’s what I call it, anyway). You love faces, especially mine and your dad’s. You love grabbing him by the beard or mustache. You don’t, however, love giving him kisses. I’ll never forget the look on your face the first time you pulled him toward you by the beard and then tried to stuff it into your mouth. You do NOT like the texture of facial hair.

As I write this, you’re laying next to me on the couch. When I lay you in your crib to nap, your nose gets stuffed up. I’ve finally got my baby that likes to be rocked to sleep. I know I’ll regret it, but right now, I love that you have your favorite position: head on my chest, legs curled up on my stomach. You snuggle in so nicely, I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to tell you no.

I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t want you. Now that you’re here, I can’t remember a time before you. I can’t imagine a future without you. You are my greatest achievement. I love you, my child. I hope there is never a time in your life that you question that love, because I know that it will never waiver. You never have to wonder if I’ll be on your side. Your side IS my side.



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17 Weeks

Mitchell is now 17 weeks old!


Look at that adorable face. He’s SO happy. Generally. Except for when he’s hungry.

He still isn’t rolling over yet, but he’s toying with the idea of it. He pulls himself to his side and looks all around, but hasn’t shown much interest in rolling all the way over. Which is fine, because he’s sitting up better and better. If he’s laying at about a 45 degree angle, he can pull himself up to a sitting position, and he’s pretty good about holding himself there with minimum assistance.

He fights his sleep like crazy. If there’s absolutely anything that he can pay attention to, he’ll do it and refuse to sleep. But once he reaches the breaking point, he just crashes. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I can be sitting at lunch with him in my lap, walking through a store, whatever. Luckily, if he gets fussy at all while he’s sleepy, it’s usually only a couple minutes of fussing and then he crashes.

He’s discovered yelling. It’s hilarious. Instead of fussing, if he wants attention (which, let’s face it, is pretty much constantly), he’ll start talking and escalate to yelling. He hates being alone. He doesn’t so much demand constant attention as just need to see someone at all times. The only exception to this is his crib. If he’s looking at his mobile, he doesn’t seem to mind as much. But watching him discover how to work people is just hilarious. If he wants attention, he’ll start talking, yelling, or even fussing if nothing else works. And when someone walks over, he just grins like he’s won the best prize out there. He has us all wrapped around his little finger, that’s for sure. He grins whenever any of his needs are met, too. If he’s hungry, the minute he sees he’s going to get fed, he starts grinning. And creepily enough, he giggles his way through diaper changes.

OH. That reminds me. I thought I hated having a constipated baby, but it turns out I hate that moment immediately following having a constipated baby even more. I was at work when the constipation ended. Oi. It was ALL OVER. Literally from head to toe. And I know what literally means. He LITERALLY had it on his head and feet. He had to have an impromptu baby wipes bath. I got him completely changed, sat him back in his little chair, and he starts grunting again. Luckily it was about 4:30, so I reminded him that I only kept one change of clothes at work and he was wearing them, so he’d better hold it until we got home. He’s such a good baby that he did just that. At about 5:15, I was sitting on the bed with him in my lap when he let the biggest fart I’ve ever heard a baby make. It was all over him AND me. We both got impromptu baby wipe baths that time. But luckily that’s passed (haha, again, literally).

He’s so much fun. I really can’t describe how much I love spending every waking hour with him. I really thought I’d mind. I didn’t want to be the mom whose life consists entirely of her child. But oh my goodness, I just love it. It’s great. He even hangs out in the bathroom sink while I get ready sometimes. It’s not that he wants to be held, he just wants to be involved. And I’m more than happy to let him.


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16 Weeks

Mitchell is now 16 weeks old!



We’ve finally noticed a crack in his usually-perfect demeanor: this kid hates being sick. Unfortunately, I gave him my stuffy nose (which is mostly gone now, thanks to antibiotics), and every time he tries to breathe and has a nose full of snot, he gets ANGRY. I have to say, I completely sympathize with him, having just gone through this. I feel so terrible for my baby boy. The saline and snot-sucker seems to work very well, except he now recognizes them and starts shaking his head as soon as he sees them coming. But so long as his nose is clear, he’s still a happy camper.

He’s discovered my face. So far, it seems only my face. He wants to put his hands in my mouth, he grabs my ears, my nose, and my cheeks. He even grabs the sides of my face and pulls me toward him so he can try to eat my face. I think it’s adorable, but the few people who’ve seen him do it seem to think it’s not quite so adorable. It’s not like he’s trying to make out with me, he’s just being a baby. Justin took some pictures of it, and I’m sure Mitchell will be very embarrassed by them in twenty years.

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