16 Weeks

Mitchell is now 16 weeks old!



We’ve finally noticed a crack in his usually-perfect demeanor: this kid hates being sick. Unfortunately, I gave him my stuffy nose (which is mostly gone now, thanks to antibiotics), and every time he tries to breathe and has a nose full of snot, he gets ANGRY. I have to say, I completely sympathize with him, having just gone through this. I feel so terrible for my baby boy. The saline and snot-sucker seems to work very well, except he now recognizes them and starts shaking his head as soon as he sees them coming. But so long as his nose is clear, he’s still a happy camper.

He’s discovered my face. So far, it seems only my face. He wants to put his hands in my mouth, he grabs my ears, my nose, and my cheeks. He even grabs the sides of my face and pulls me toward him so he can try to eat my face. I think it’s adorable, but the few people who’ve seen him do it seem to think it’s not quite so adorable. It’s not like he’s trying to make out with me, he’s just being a baby. Justin took some pictures of it, and I’m sure Mitchell will be very embarrassed by them in twenty years.

By themagnificentms

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