32 Weeks!

Mitchell is now 32 weeks old!



Poor guy is still a little under the weather. His nose has leaked more snot than I think should be possible. It’s just not right. But he’s maintained his cheery demeanor throughout!

He got a new toy today: a walker! His father discovered a new level of overprotectiveness. As soon as he got home and saw him in the walker, he ran over to the stairs to make sure I had properly done the baby gate. I’m not joking, he actually checked the gate’s sturdiness. When it comes to his child’s safety, not even I can be trusted. Poor Mitchell is going to have to sneak away to play with his friends or Justin is going to be running behind with the helmet!

At first, Mitchell just giggled in the walker. But he quickly discovered that he could more easily reach cabinets and drawers. Let the mayhem begin!

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Mitchell’s Guardian Angel



After a particularly close call on the interstate (I will find you, DK county 085 DMO), I decided that it was time for Mitchell to meet his guardian angel, Aunt Kelsey.

While I am not a particularly religious person, I will adamantly maintain until my dying day that we have a guardian angel. The belief that Kelsey is out there, somewhere, continuing, is all that keeps me going. To think that one stupid, senseless accident could have wiped a force that strong from this Earth for good would just destroy my hope for humanity.

And Kelsey will be a great guardian angel for Mitchell. For me, I’m sure she’s intentionally thrown some obstacles my way just for giggles. But for Mitchell, or any other nieces and nephews, she will be great. Kelsey loved children, and she was amazing with them. Somehow children just gravitated toward her. I have no doubt that, had that one day turned out differently, in the last couple months I would have had to physically throw Kelsey from my house so I could have my baby back.

Kelsey has been gone 5 years now, and I’m just now allowing myself to accept it. I’m trying to accept the fact that Mitchell will only know her as Aunt Kelsey, his guardian angel. But at least I can sleep a little better at night knowing that Kelsey is watching over my Mitchell. And I know to take every opportunity to give him a hug, kiss him, play with him, and tell him I love him, because you never know when this day will be your last. I will never allow my last words to him to be anything other than “I love you.”

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Sick Boy

Mitchell hasn’t been feeling well, and yesterday got his first date with the vaporizer. He loves the stream. Shortly after the video ended, he decided to do his other favorite thing: headbutt it. The boy loves hitting things with his head now. The coffee table, the tub, the crib, anything.

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31 Weeks

Happy 31 weeks to my sick little boy.



As you can see, during the day, it hasn’t dampened his spirits whatsoever. He has a runny nose, but other than that, he’s fine. Unfortunately, at night he gets VERY angry. As soon as he lays down, he starts to get stuffed up and it makes him pretty mad. It’s even worse when he tries to nurse. I spent almost the entire night last night sitting up with him so he could breathe. It finally gave us an opportunity to use the humidifier, though, and he LOVES it. It’s a cool mist, so he can play in the mist and it just cracks him up.

He’ still rocking the peekaboo, and now he’s moved on to PULLING HIMSELF UP ON THINGS. The kid isn’t even crawling yet, but he’s trying to pull himself up onto things. He can pull himself up onto the side of the bathtub with no problem and is trying really hard to pull himself up onto the couch. He’s discovering new sounds every day it seems. He has started to develop a taste for music and has favorite songs. He screeches along with me singing to the radio. He’s still making the raspberry sound, but it’s getting wetter and wetter every day. I’m pretty sure that’s intentional. Right now I’m trying to pretend that absolutely no snot is getting mixed into the spit, because I’m getting a nice shower whenever I hold him.

I stayed home with him today because I got so little sleep (and have been getting so little sleep the last few nights) I was starting to get sick. So while sitting here with Mitchell and Justin (he stayed home because for a little bit there, I thought I was going to have to run to the doctor), I realized something: we would make REALLY AWESOME rich people. Seriously. Justin and I have a blast together, even more so now that we have Mitchell. We never get tired of each other and need very little entertainment when together. And I give really great gifts, so it’d be great trickle-down joy because I’d constantly be buying things for people, because that’s just what I do. So, basically, if there’s a really rich person out there looking for someone to take that burdensome money off their hands, I’d like to formally submit my application.

And, back to reality. The pictures are of him getting his first avocado. He didn’t enjoy it all that much, so I just gave it to him and let him play with it. The poor high chair needed hosed off afterward. He probably should have been, but I got away with just a few rounds with the wash rag.

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Mitchell discovered a new game today. Well, Justin swears he just discovered it today. I think he’s just letting me think he discovered it with me first because he knows how depressed I’m getting at missing everything. But, pity party aside, NEW GAME! I was leaving the mall when Mitchell started playing peek-a-boo with me in the mirror! Don’t worry, I waited until we were stopped to film it, but he played the whole way from the mall to PetSmart, then most of the way home! It truly shows my new motherness that I went a few miles out of my way just to keep playing (safely, I’m sure) peek-a-boo with him. 

Also, this is how my child Sonics 🙂

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Happy 7 Months!

Mr. Man is 7 months. I’m so sad! It’s not possible that he’s already 7 months old!


He’s been squealing a LOT lately. He expresses nearly every emotion through high-pitched squeals: hunger, happiness, “give that back”, etc. Good thing it’s such an adorable squeal! He’s having fun getting better dexterity. He can grab a 1/4″ wire (like a charger cable) while you’re not looking in .2 seconds flat. He can have it in his mouth in another .04 seconds.

Pictures and even a couple videos!

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Productive Day!

Our family spent the day installing container gardens in our front yard, so of course Justin and I are pooped, but little Mr. M is just full of energy. So I finally got around to editing some pictures! I’m really happy with them. Aunt T and I should open our own photography studio with Mr. Man being our main – and probably only – model. Enjoy! Of course, the one in his bouncer is of him enjoying the outdoors.

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29 Weeks!

Whew. Things are getting back to normal. I’m late two weeks in a row. Happy 29 weeks to little man!



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