32 Weeks!

Mitchell is now 32 weeks old!



Poor guy is still a little under the weather. His nose has leaked more snot than I think should be possible. It’s just not right. But he’s maintained his cheery demeanor throughout!

He got a new toy today: a walker! His father discovered a new level of overprotectiveness. As soon as he got home and saw him in the walker, he ran over to the stairs to make sure I had properly done the baby gate. I’m not joking, he actually checked the gate’s sturdiness. When it comes to his child’s safety, not even I can be trusted. Poor Mitchell is going to have to sneak away to play with his friends or Justin is going to be running behind with the helmet!

At first, Mitchell just giggled in the walker. But he quickly discovered that he could more easily reach cabinets and drawers. Let the mayhem begin!

By themagnificentms

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