37 Weeks






It turns out a 3 and a 7 are really hard to get to stand up on their own, so I did what I could this week.

Big news this week: IT’S A TOOTH! It sounds cool if you say it like Admiral Akbar’s “It’s a trap!” Otherwise, it sounds like a non-stop fussing baby. That’s an exaggeration, of course, but the tooth did take a good deal of fussing to cut. I guess I thought the fussing would magically stop once the tooth was cut, but alas, it’s increased. I don’t know if he’s cutting another or what.

He’s discovered how to open and close doors, and I’ve discovered that it’s really adorable for the first five minutes your baby knows how to open and close doors, then it’s a little annoying, because he REALLY likes closing himself into a room, but the only way to open the door is to open it onto him and just pray his fingers aren’t under the door.

We had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend around here. Grandpa Mitch spent the majority of the weekend with us, then on Monday it rained (a beautiful rain) and we spent half the day on the front porch and the rest of it just generally enjoying ourselves as a family. It was pretty great.

Speaking of Grandpa Mitch, remember how I said Justin ran to the baby gate whenever he got home to make sure I’d put it up securely? Yep, you guessed it: as soon as Grandpa Mitch got here on Saturday, he went and checked the baby gate. He then tried every way he knew to tell me it wasn’t up right without actually telling me it wasn’t up right. It was pretty hilarious. If I hadn’t had so many other things on my mind, I would’ve really played it up and made him feel really bad for insulting my parenting skills.

Unfortunately, I have a very upset baby who just really wants to hang out with his mommy right now, and he trumps the blog. Console yourself with pictures. One is of Kingsley stalking our new pet squirrel!

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The New Hide and Seek

Mitchell discovered a fun new hide and seek game addition: doors!

In other news, he just made Justin cry by pulling his leg hair. I may finally convince Justin to shave now!

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36 Weeks!

My little man is 36 weeks old now. Can you believe it?


See if you can recognize a common theme in this week’s pictures: getting into all sorts of places he shouldn’t!

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Some Realizations

So, there are a few things that I’ve realized recently.

1. I’m officially that creepy super obsessed mom.  Know how I know that? I insisted a total stranger watch the adorable video of Mitchell crawling. Bless her heart, she feigned interest.

2. I can’t be trusted to practice fantastic hygiene. I haven’t showered yet today, and I’ve been gardening, running errands, etc. I smell and probably look just as bad. But darn it, I just can’t walk away from this baby.


3. Boogers no longer shock me. During Mitchell’s first round of allergies, I ran for a Kleenex every time I saw a bit of snot. This round, I hate to say it, I’ve caught myself wiping one on my jeans when I was out and about. He was even giving me kisses the other day and I later felt something on my cheek. Yep, you guessed it: giant booger. I was a bit squeamish about that one, but nowhere near as much as I feel I should be.

4. I get really proud when stranger grandparents say Mitchell is bigger, smarter, or happier than their grandchild. I also feel like telling them how offended their son or daughter would be to hear them saying that.

5. Whenever I see a boy doing something like playing catch, I automatically picture myself or Justin doing that with Mitchell. I’ve honestly slowed down while driving past a father and son playing catch. I’m pretty sure they weren’t done playing, but that father sure did start to lead his son inside while looking toward my car.

6. I’ve started (okay, full truth: I’ve continued) to buy way too many things for Mitchell with full knowledge that he won’t play with/read them for at least 5 years.

7. My dream day now involves nothing more than time with my hubby and my baby. I remember when ideal days included pedicures, movies, and a fair amount of alcohol. This evening Mitchell, Justin and I planted (in my case, killed) some plants and just generally enjoyed each other’s company. If I didn’t enjoy it so much, I’d be embarrassed that I enjoyed it so much.

Basically, I’m everything I’ve always made fun of. Well, not quite. I’m not emo or goth, so I’ve got that going for me.

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Since having Mitchell, I find myself pondering things I never before considered. Some of these are trivial things, like wondering at what point I became ok with just wiping poop off my arm and continuing to change the diaper. Others are slightly more serious, like who I would choose to raise Mitchell if Justin and I were gone.

One thing has been bothering me for the last couple of months, though, and I find myself revisiting the train of thought repeatedly. Mitchell is, in general, a very happy baby. I noticed, though, that part of his happiness stems from his unwillingness to accept things that bother him. If something isn’t just how he wants it, he changes it (or fusses until someone else changes it). At what point do we, as adults, lose that trait? And is it a bad thing that we become willing to accept the status quo, even if it bothers us?

I certainly understand that a fair amount of accommodation is necessary to survive in life. And I’ve always prided myself on my ability to accept the things I cannot change and just move on. But at what point do we stop and say, “No, I’m not happy with this direction. Time to change.” And, more importantly, and what point do we DO something about it?

And so I started small: the lack of color in my living room had always annoyed me, and so I recovered some pillows. Voila, I felt better about my living room. This spurred me to aim higher: we’d been talking about a vegetable garden for months, so one weekend we went to Home Depot and, by goodness, the next day we had three great-looking raised vegetable beds (the beds themselves look great; unfortunately, my black thumb took effect on the vegetables themselves).

Little by little, I started DOING the things that I had been TALKING about doing for months, even years. All the little things that I may not have even noticed were irking me began to disappear. I felt so much better accomplishing these little things that I began thinking about the larger things that weren’t going according to plan. It didn’t come as a surprise to me that, when thinking along these lines, the most glaring issue was spending time with Mitchell. From a very young age, being the primary caregiver to my child has been my goal. I always thought that would happen. While the pain of leaving Mitchell every day had eased somewhat, I still felt like an outsider in his care from day to day. And so I started discussing options with Justin. Bless his heart, he’s my rock. Watching me struggle has been harder on him than me. And so we came to a decision:

I’m leaving work.

My last day at work will be June 7th. I will be entering graduate school on June 3rd.

As with everything in life, there’s more to this story. These soul-searching moments were brought on by many factors, not just my desire to stay home with Mitchell. But here’s what I’ve decided, after watching my baby’s outlook on life:

1. I will be happy, regardless of how many alterations I have to make to the status quo.
2. If someone or something doesn’t make me happy, I can either change it or move on.

I am an equal amount of excited and terrified at this next step in my life. The prospect of failure absolutely terrifies me. I’ve been given the opportunity to satisfy two dreams at once: staying home with my son and attending graduate school (distance education). What happens if I fail? But, once again, I only have to look to my son for my answer: if I fail, I’ll just get back up and try again. He obviously wasn’t born crawling. He failed countless times before he finally got the hang of it. And now that he’s attempting to walk, he falls constantly. But he gets back up every single time and approaches it anew. He isn’t embarrassed by his failure, he just accepts it and moves on.

Who knew I’d learn so many life lessons from my son before he’s even a year old?

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Catch Me, Mommy!

Mitchell has discovered the joy of being chased. For about an hour and a half this evening, he would set off from the living room, giggling until I would say something. He would go into the hall, and if I wasn’t directly behind him, he would sit there giggling until I rounded the corner. Then he’d make his way to his room, giggling the whole way. ADORABLE. Definitely the absolute best way to end a mother’s day. I’m so thankful that he’s here to make my life this much cheerier. He just never fails to make me smile. While he (Justin) got me a coffee mug and beautiful photo album for mother’s day, the truth is, he’s been giving me a little bit of gift every day for the last 8 months (and no, I’m not talking about his diapers). He never fails to make me smile.

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Happy Mother’s Day

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” – Agatha Christie

I just love this quote.

I got to spend the day at the zoo with my men, so I had a great day. As always, pictures!

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This picture may go down in history as the cutest picture EVER

The calendar is telling me Mitchell is 8 months old today, but I know that there’s just no way. He can’t be 8 months! Maybe three months old, but even that’s pushing it.

Mitchell is mobile and THRILLED about it. He gets very angry when he’s unable to move around. And he’s getting much more vocal about what he wants and doesn’t want. For example, on the Want List is a shower with Mommy. He gets very excited when he goes in the bathroom and makes his way there on his own. On the Don’t Want List goes diaper changes. The minute he starts to get laid down on the changing table he flips over. If you force him onto his back, he fights it the entire time. On the Want List goes sleeping in bed with Mommy. He’s still in a bassinet by my bed. It hooks onto the bed so there’s no space between them and there’s only about a four inch jump from the bassinet to my mattress. Well, lately (and by lately I mean the last several months) Mitchell’s only slept in the bassinet until midnight or so and then fusses, so I bring him into bed with me to nurse and usually end up falling asleep so he just sleeps with me the rest of the night. Awful, I know. Well, there have been several instances in the last few weeks where I just don’t remember bringing him into bed with me. I figured I had just slept through it. Last night, I was still awake when Mitchell woke up. He sat up, fussed, and then crawled into bed with me. The boy has initiative, I guess! On the Don’t Want List goes car seats. He got his new convertible car seat, and that’s definitely helped, but if he’s had a full day, he still just doesn’t want to be in his car seat, so like tonight, he cried the whole. way. home. All the way from White City. The. whole. way. That was rough. As soon as we got home, he’s happy as a clam again. Next up on the Want List: Mommy’s boobies. He still loves nursing. And he’s started to learn how to unsnap my bras. So…that’s awkward. Especially when he does it in public places.

My little man is going through a bit of a mommy phase right now. He fusses terribly when I’m within sight but someone else is holding him. I’m trying really hard to not be flattered. I know it’s just a 6-9 month phase so I should just enjoy it while it lasts and be prepared for when he decides he can do without me.

Today was his aunt T’s graduation. She’s such a fabulous aunt, sister, and all-around a great young woman. I’m so darn proud of her. She was even salutatorian.


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