33 Weeks!

Happy 33 weeks to my finally healthy little man!


You’ll notice that the picture style has changed. Mitchell has decided that it was either time for him to sit up in the tub or the pictures moving forward would be of him screaming. The tub was as big as he is from head to rump, so he felt a little claustrophobic I guess. So, new style! He sure enjoys sitting in it. I’m still trying to decide how to get the numbers in there so they can be seen.

Mitchell is finally healthy again, thank goodness! The nose is dry and I’ve quit finding boogers EVERYWHERE. It was so embarrassing, over the weekend I went to hand something to someone and had to quickly draw my hand back because I saw a booger on it. I really hope the clerk didn’t know why I all of a sudden HAD to wipe my hand on my pants. And then, of course, the booger was on my pants, then it was on the seat of my car, where I wiped at it because I didn’t know what it was, so it was back on my hand…circle of [booger] life!

This weekend was my birthday. Mitchell had a VERY active weekend with VERY few short naps. I don’t know how he does it. He’s down to about two thirty-minute naps a day. Of course, this leaves him more time to plan my birthday present, which he delivered as soon as he woke up on Sunday morning: pee in my face! He really thought about that gift and wanted to make it as heartfelt as possible. Something only he could deliver (without being seriously maimed afterward).

I had a great birthday. Lots of friends, family, and a quick trip to the zoo. The hippos didn’t make an appearance, but I’ll live.

Mitchell is having fun with peaches and potatoes this week (huh…he must’ve known on Sunday that it would be a “p” week). Next week is blueberries! As messy as he is with everything else, I think blueberry week will also be naked week. I’m terrible at getting stains out of clothes!

Mitchell is now a PRO at pulling himself up. It started with the tub, then the couch, and now pretty much everything is a balance bar. He also officially crawled for the first time today. It mildly resembled a tripod trying imitate a weeble wobble, but it had all the necessary components to call it a crawl. Up until now it’s been scooting and other forms of non-crawling.

He’s been really figuring his walker out the last couple days, too. He’s especially excited about this new game he’s learned: chase the dogs. The dogs are MUCH less excited about the new game. Using the walker, he squished his finger three times last night on drawers and cabinets, so I ordered some cabinet locks today. I’m really dreading trying to baby-proof the rest of the house. It’s going to be nearly impossible. Today he had fun playing in the dishwasher when my back was turned. Great-grandma Libby’s colander got to be a fun toy for another generation! He also pulled the air pump from the fish tank and the bucket of fish tank cleaning supplies. Thankfully I won’t have to try to baby-proof the fish tank, because the fish is finding a new home.

Plenty of pictures this week. There are pictures of the zoo, hanging out outside, enjoying the new car seat, and proving that the crib’s days of containing him are numbered! Oh, and the series of pictures where he’s on the kitchen floor…he was making his way to Laika’s abandoned toy, and JUST as he reached out to grab it, Laika ran and picked it up. Glad to see sibling jealousy can be between fur children and babies, too! And hopefully I’ll be productive and post some videos shortly!

By themagnificentms

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