The New Normal

It’s Monday morning, and instead of being at work, I slept until 7:30 and have been playing with my baby ever since. I’ve also been getting things ready for my class, which started today, but that’s beside the point. Mitchell is currently refusing to go down for a nap, as if he’ll wake up and I’ll be back at work and this will have all been a dream. Trust me, little man, I know the feeling.

This new phase of my life is extremely scary, but also extremely exciting. It’s a little off-putting to be embarking upon two goals/dreams at once: graduate school and stay at home mom. I’m always a “what if I screw this up” kind of person, so knowing I could screw up two things at once is nerve-racking!

I’ve learned a lot at my job in the last two years. Almost nothing that can be directly applied to future jobs, because I was basically a glorified secretary, but I’ve learned plenty of life lessons. Most of them run along the lines of how NOT to behave, but sometimes those are the most important lessons of all, aren’t they? For example, I learned that words hurt more than actions a lot of the time. I also learned that, when you’re discussing Person A with Person B, always assume that Person A will hear what you said, because most of the time, the person you’d least like to hear what you’re saying is going to be the first person told.

Basically, what I’m saying, is that working there convinced me that I want to be a better person. I’ve seen how people view the snarky, overly dramatic person, and it’s not pretty. I’ve also seen that clearly contrasted with how people view the sweet, helpful person, and it exemplifies the “you catch more flies with honey” phrase. So I want to be honey. And now that my biggest worry is that Mr. Man is currently doing this:


when he should be doing this:



I think I have a better chance than ever at being honey. Who COULDN’T be honey with that little man around?!

Yes, I may crash and burn at graduate school, but I don’t think I will fail too miserably at being a stay at home mom. After all, the biggest requirement for that is absolutely loving your baby and wanting to spend every second with him, and I’ve definitely got that covered.


By themagnificentms

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