43 Weeks

Happy 43 weeks to Mr. Mitchell!


I’ll keep this short and sweet, but only because I’ll have a long sappy one for his big entrance into double digits in a couple days.

Since he discovered how to put the rings back on the stacker last week, he’s been trying to put everything on top of something this week. Sometimes it’s successful, sometimes not. For example, lids go back on the bucket toy easily, but do not seem to stay on dogs’ heads. Ah, the things you learn.

He had a big accomplishment on Saturday: he waved goodbye for the first time (specifics: to Grandpa as he was leaving)! He followed it up by waving at everyone in the grocery store on Monday. So far he won’t wave goodbye to Justin, but yesterday Justin asked me to send him a picture, so I grabbed my phone and told Mitchell, “Say hi to Daddy!” and he smiled and bolted for the front door. ADORABLE. It made my heart hurt a little bit.

He’s been chasing the dogs a lot yesterday and today. They’ve been pretty good about it, but Laika still doesn’t know quite how big she is and sometimes runs over him trying to get away. I have no idea how to handle it, because she looks shocked when I yell at her about it. I really don’t think she knows what she’s doing wrong.

We went to the zoo over the weekend. Justin’s taken to wearing hats, which means Mitchell’s taken to playing with hats. We also fed a giraffe. See if you can find the picture where Mitchell is HOLDING a giraffe tongue. Yeah…definitely glad I carry hand sanitizer around!

By themagnificentms

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