Helping mommy in the kitchen

Mitchell is just such a good helper! He thought I needed powdered sugar for those cookies, and, to be honest, it probably couldn’t hurt. Sugar, in any form, makes everything better.


The dogs were only too happy to help with clean-up.

A few minutes later, just to prove a point I think, he did this:


But hey, he’s now pushing the vacuum around the house, so he does really help sometimes! (Don’t worry, the vacuum isn’t turned on.)

Had to edit this to add that Mitchell also made big strides today in shape sorting. He put the right shape in the right slot with absolutely no help from mommy! So that was a good thing to learn. Bad thing he learned today, he now knows how to open the basement door! He was very proud of himself. And he threw the mother of all temper tantrums when I moved him away from the door so I could install the safety lock that’s been sitting in the drawer for like 3 months. I’ve never seen him so angry. It didn’t help when he finally got back near the door and discovered he couldn’t open it. For that matter, neither could I. The lock came with installation instructions, but not instructions for use! Sometimes I think the safety lock manufacturers are just sitting in their offices laughing at all of us.

By themagnificentms

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