The times they are a changing.

It’s 9:00 on Valentine’s Day and instead of gorging ourselves or getting schnockered at a fancy restaurant, Justin and I are watching Willy Wonka with my little sister (Mitchell just passed out). Justin made us rahmschnitzel for dinner (my favorite meal ever) and even got me a sappy card from him and Mitchell. And I got a pasta maker! Don’t worry, I made the required “is this a ‘woman, get in the kitchen’ gift” comment. As different as this is from how we would’ve spent this holiday a few years ago, I have to say…this is nice. Very nice. And not just because I love me some Johnny Depp. It makes me very thankful for all I have. I have very amazing people in my life and I hope to goodness that I show my gratitude.

Side note on how very awesome my son is: since Monday (5 days ago), he’s only taken 2 naps, been in the car a total of 12 hours (not including in-town driving), tolerated a barrage of hugs and holding, and spent a lot of time in a new place surrounded by highly emotional people. I’m spite of all this, he’s managed to stay happy (aside from a couple meltdowns) and a constant pick-me-up for everyone. He has only gotten into a couple things he wasn’t supposed to, and really, how was he to know he can’t play with plants? It’s not like his mother can keep one alive to save her life. He never fails to amaze me. For a toddler, his tolerance level is extremely high. As a reward (for him, of course, not me), we got out the toys every single grandchild has played with. It was like the passing of the torch to the new generation.


And he must’ve gotten used to giving everyone big hugs, because he thought Kingsley needed a hug.


By themagnificentms

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