Snowpocalypse Activities

With everything that’s happened, I completely forgot about any pictures left on my camera. Week before last was Snowpocalypse in the Topeka area. Pretty much the entire town was shut down for Tuesday and Wednesday, and it was so bitterly cold that there were frostbite warnings for the rest of the week. So, Mitchell and I went grocery shopping Monday morning and he didn’t leave the house again until Saturday. I took advantage of free babysitting and got out of the house Friday evening. My cabin fever was overwhelming by that point.

Anyway, Mitchell is so used to being out and about that it was torture for him.

One day I put every single stuffed animal he owns into his crib and he had fun throwing himself across the crib and throwing them around.

DSC_0019 DSC_0001 DSC_0005 DSC_0012 DSC_0017

We played a rousing game of peek in the teepee.

DSC_0023 DSC_0021

And he tortured the dogs. The dogs were locked inside, so there was no escape for them. And I was welcoming any distraction for him whatsoever, so…yeah…the dogs earned their room and board that week.

DSC_0024 DSC_0025

Friday night, I went to the Art Walk. Grandpa babysat, and in the grandest of grandfather traditions, Mitchell had the run of the house. I came home to find that my pantry cabinet had been emptied.


By Saturday he was opposed to any clothes except for socks and a hat. And I let him get away with it for a bit because HOLY CRAP he was cute.


All in all, I’ll be totally ok if we don’t get snowed in for an entire week again!

By themagnificentms

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