SAHM Rules

When I decided was finally able to stay at home with my son, I promised myself a few things to keep myself from becoming too lazy. Because I have a very grand habit of becoming lazy. (One of these days I’ll tell you all about college, AKA Mario Kart tournaments from dawn till dusk.) 8 months later, I decided to revisit my rules and see which ones I’ve kept.

1. I will get dressed every single day. Revision: I will put on a real bra every single day.

2. I will not wear the same clothes more than one day in a row. Revision: I will check the sweat pants for obvious booger or whatever stains before putting them back on. 

3. I will get out of the house every single day. Revision: It’s cold outside. Screw that noise. 

4. I will keep the toys off the floor unless Mitchell is playing with them at the moment and keep the house cleaned. Revision: I obviously hadn’t met my child when I wrote this rule. Mitchell plays with EVERY SINGLE TOY at the SAME TIME. And if you consider “clean” to mean “F4 level of destruction” then I guess I’ve kept to the second part. 

5. I will take Mitchell and the dogs on a walk every single day. Revision: In a temporary lapse of sanity, I forgot I lived in Kansas. Again, it’s cold outside. Screw that noise. 

6. I will get Mitchell’s baby book caught up and start scrapbooking. Revision: Welcome to Mitchell’s new baby book. And it turns out I’m not crafty enough for scrapbooking. 

7. I will cook as much as possible from scratch. Revision: Actually still working on this one! Surprised? Me too! 

8. The TV will not be on during the day. Revision: Still keeping to this one, too! I mean, after 9:00. Because I have to have my Rachael Ray in the morning. And, really, when you only have basic cable, it’s not hard to keep the TV off. Seriously, people, why do you agree to go on a TV courtroom? You know you’re going to be embarrassed on national television, right? 

9. I will not sleep in. Revision: Technically still following this one, but not by my own choice, by a little 2-foot-tall alarm clock’s choice.

10. I will not snack throughout the day. Revision: I will not eat more than 5 Reese’s peanut butter cups per sitting. 

So…the underachiever in me thinks I’m doing a-ok on these rules!


By themagnificentms

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