The Mitchell Update

I realized I hadn’t done one of those monthly updates in a long time, and he’s hitting so many milestones here lately that I should probably do one of those. So, a couple weeks shy of 18 months, here’s the big comprehensive Mitchell Update.

It’s hard to know where to start. I guess I’ll start with Favorite Things.

He is still in love with a set of picture books of babies by Rachael Hale. He tries to imitate what he thinks the babies are doing (coughing or blowing spit bubbles or picking their nose). He also loves a Sesame Street book we have called It’s Not Easy Being Big (the irony is not lost on me). This kid loves reading in general. I’d say we average at least ten books per day. Sometimes it’s ten different books, and sometimes it’s the same book ten times in a row.

Another of his favorite things is putting things in boxes. It’s now a joke in our house that all boxes must be checked and emptied before going to the recycle bin because as soon as I put them by the trash can, Mitchell starts filling them with things. Usually his toys, but he’s started stashing snacks in boxes or cabinets throughout the house, too.

His favorite animal is a dog, but he likes going to the zoo and seeing all the different animals. He especially loves the llama at the petting zoo. For some reason he and Laika aren’t getting along too well this last week. When he drops something and she eats it, he no longer thinks it’s cute (but it is when Kingsley eats it). If Laika eats it, he throws a major temper tantrum. I don’t know which one of them isn’t watching where they’re going, but somehow those two seem to have collisions that end in tears multiple times per day. I’m sure it’s a temporary thing and we’ll get past it. He can open the back door now, so he regularly opens the door to let them in or out, then stands there yelling outside for a while.

One of his favorite pastimes is…ah…well, peeing on the floor. This is a new thing in the last week, and I’ve had to start dressing him in onesies again to keep his dang hand out of his pants. I thought this was a normal thing, so yesterday at a baby shower I asked a friend how she kept her little boy’s thingy in his pants. Like the classic situation, the room got quiet as I said it, so everyone could hear her reply that she didn’t have a problem with that, nor did anyone she knew. So yeah…that was fun. Abnormal child FTW!

His favorite food right now is probably scrambled eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, cheese quesadilla for lunch, and dinner is something that involves butternut squash, pasta, and cheese. Those are his three favorite ingredients, with an emphasis on the pasta. The boy is a carbohydrates fool. He also loves to snack on cheese. I keep a thing of pre-sliced white cheddar in the fridge (don’t judge, it’s a pre-sliced snack tray thing from Dillon’s) that he discovered about a month ago. At least once a day he goes and tries to open the fridge to get it. I try to limit it to one slice a day, just because doctors tend to frown on babies only having one poop per week.

He’s hilarious to watch entertain himself. He owns the place and he knows it. He makes his way from one end of the house to the next, opening cabinets, climbing on things, getting things out, and generally being content. He loves getting the soda cans out of the cabinet and rolling them or stacking them. He also likes to empty my pantry cabinet and then try to put everything back. We also have a little round couch pillow that he likes to take throughout the house and sit on. He’ll just carry it into the kitchen, sit on it, stand up, look at it, sit on it the other direction, maybe lay down for a bit on it, whatever suits his fancy. He also turns circles (“round and round we go, where we stop nobody knows!”) so often that I think he has to spend the majority of his day so dizzy he can’t see straight. Walking backward is a new thing. I was about three sentences into this post when he tried walking backward all the way from the living room to the kitchen, but he tripped on his tricycle and fell flat on his butt. A lot of times he gets more angry than hurt when he falls. He really does entertain himself quite well, a habit I’m not too keen on him outgrowing.

Speaking of angry, about a month ago Mitchell started hitting and biting when he got mad. He did it to both myself and the dogs, so he received a crash course in “nice touch” (petting and hugging). He caught on very quickly, and within a week he didn’t bite or hit anymore (it’s come back this week a little bit, probably due to stress). But, because he’s my child, he couldn’t just leave it at not biting or hitting. He had to take it to a creepy level. So now when he’s angry at me, he pets the top of my head. Or, if he does hit, he immediately pets or hugs afterward.

Mitchell is slowly figuring out how to dress himself. Well, not how to dress himself so much as how to bring me items to put on him. For example, a few days ago, we were getting ready to go and I was trying to put socks and shoes on him. Every time I reached for his feet, he yelled and kicked so I couldn’t put the socks on him. He kept trying to hand me something, but it took me a minute to realize he was trying to hand me socks that he’d picked out. Ever since, he’s had to pick out whatever socks he’s wearing. He’d already been picking out his hat every day. Throughout the day, he’ll regularly bring me things for him to wear. For example, he’s currently wearing a shirt, one snow boot, and hat. Why? Only he knows.

He loves helping/following instructions. He knows how to throw things in the trash, how to “put it back” or “put it away” (usually), how to get his socks, shoes, coat, and hat, and several other things. He likes to help me vacuum by pushing the canister around behind me and even tries to help cook by pouring things into the pot (I give him an empty measuring cup or dry ingredients to throw in). For the most part, he likes his toys with multiple parts to be put together when he’s done. For example, if he notices that the cookies from his cookie jar are scattered, he picks them up and puts them back before leaving the room.

In a matter of a few weeks, Mitchell cut four teeth. Week 2 of this massive tooth-cutting spree was when my grandpa died. So, in my opinion, that makes his absolutely charming behavior throughout that period even more admirable. Seriously, he did SO WELL, especially considering he was in unfamiliar territory around some people he didn’t see often or at all usually. He had probably a total of five short naps in a week and a half, and yet he still only had a couple meltdowns. Adding to my proud mama mood, on Thursday at story time he went around handing toys to other babies. Generally, kids steal toys from other kids at story time, so I was very impressed at my child’s sharing skills.

He’s working on body parts. He points to his ear, and sometimes his belly, and in the last couple days he’s started pointing to his nose, eye, and mouth. Since he has a runny nose, pointing to his nose isn’t always the best idea, but whatever. We have boogie wipes.


A somewhat depressing (for me) occurrence in the last few weeks is that Mitchell has started to go to sleep much easier for Justin than for me. I’m thankful for the ability to not be here when it’s time for him to go to sleep, don’t get me wrong, but…oi. My baby.


He REALLY enjoys hiding behind his crib lately. I REALLY enjoy how adorable it is.

DSC_0004 DSC_0005 DSC_0007

This seems like such an inadequate summary of my child. He’s so much more than this. He’s so clever, he does things just to make me laugh, he’s way more empathetic than he should be at this age (he was freaked out seeing me cry, but his first reaction was to give me very big hugs), he’s a hellion, he’s just so much personality in one little body. I can’t wait to see what the coming months bring me.

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