Foodie in the making

Mitchell absolutely insists on helping in the kitchen now. He has his favorite spatula and he uses it to help stir whatever we’re making. Like a true foodie, he tastes as he prepares. Even if the only thing in the bowl so far is flour. That was pretty hilarious. He likes to help pour ingredients into the bowl, and most of the time the ingredients actually make it into the bowl.



In addition to wanting to help cook and eating while cooking, this kid has had an insatiable appetite the last week. I generally try not to give snacks throughout the day, but it hasn’t affected his meal time eating whatsoever. And he is STARVING. He’ll finish a large dinner and ten minutes later eat an entire orange. Then a breakfast bar. Then a cracker. I’m having nightmares about our future grocery bills. Growth spurt, here we come!

By themagnificentms

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