New game

Earlier this morning, I climbed on top of the end table to hang a new picture. Later, I came out of the bathroom to see my child jump from the end table to the couch. It’s probably a good thing I’d just used the bathroom, or I may have had to change my pants. He now thinks it’s a great new game.


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The Big Birthday Weekend

Today I turned an undisclosed age, so last weekend we celebrated by spending the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge. Mitchell LOVED it. As my dad said, “Are you sure this is your birthday celebration, not Mitchell’s?” But even though Mitchell thought it was all about him (which, let’s face it, it was), I had a GREAT time. I was pretty sad that we got there so late on Friday and missed out on the whole day, but Great Wolf made up for it by overbooking the rooms. By the time we got there, they were out of the room that I’d booked and upgraded us to the biggest suite they have. It was HUGE and FABULOUS. Brooke and Kaylee joined us on Saturday and Grandpa joined us the whole weekend.

Mitchell started settling in right away. This meant he pretty much ran from one end to another over and over again, with pauses to jump on the bed.



He finally crashed on the couch.


Saturday morning started out with coffee on the patio (water for Mitchell). Storms were moving in, which was beautiful from the balcony. We also discovered that Great Wolf Lodge loves watering their lawn when it rains.


Mitchell saw me talking to the front desk at one point, and he was so obsessed with the phone for the rest of the weekend that we had to unplug it.


Later that morning, Justin and my dad took Mitchell down to the water park while I got some “me” time with HGTV. Oh, HGTV, how I’ve missed thee.



Mitchell loved playing with the curtains.


And he tried very hard to help me pack on Sunday.


Sunday afternoon Mitchell CRASHED in the bookstore.


Later that day, we returned the locker key to the hotel and Mitchell tried going back to our room.


Hopefully water park pictures will be coming soon, but I didn’t bring a waterproof case for my phone so I bought a waterproof camera in the gift shop. You’d be amazed how quickly you forget how to operate a 35mm camera! I honestly can’t tell if we used it correctly. I really hope we did because Mitchell was ADORABLE in the water park. The look of pure bliss on his face was contagious. He kept squatting in the water so the water would be up to his neck even though he was in the one foot section.

I had grand plans of vegging out with Mitchell on the couch all day, but we ended up going to Lawrence for lunch and he stayed asleep when we got home. But this morning he embraced the vegging out!


We also have grand plans of going out to eat tonight, but after lunch, I’m not entirely positive that will work out. Last night, at dinner, he FREAKED out when the hostess took the stroller to the hostess stand. He never really recovered. Every time he saw the hostess, he cried again, even after we brought back the stroller. I assumed it was just because he’d had such a big weekend, but today at lunch, he freaked out when the waitress took the empty chips basket, the menus, the empty plates, etc. I’m not sure what the heck is going on. I sure hope it doesn’t continue, though, because I don’t want to lose going out to eat!

Well, Celebrity Wife Swap isn’t waiting for me, and I can’t wait to see what Daniel Baldwin does when Jermaine Jackson’s wife changes the rules. Happy birthday to me!


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Get off my bumper!


Just kidding. That’s Grandpa back there. Today Mitchell and I spent the day towing Grandpa back home. Even though he spent a total of about five and a half hours in the car and only slept maybe one and a half of those hours, Mitchell was FANTASTIC. He played in his car seat for most of the ride and we had several rounds of Find That Body Part (he can do ear, mouth, nose, eye, belly, foot, and sometimes knee).

Towing another vehicle is one of those skills one rarely gets to utilize. But I’m darn decent at it. Probably because the very first time I did it, it was because I’d just blown the transmission out of my first car in the middle of a snow storm and I was so scared of getting in more trouble that I listened very intently to every instruction my dad gave me. And since I come from a long line of Drive It Till It Dies drivers, I have gotten to tow a few cars in my day. In fact, as we were driving home, I started pointing out memorable places to Mitchell: that’s where Mommy blew her transmission, that’s where Mommy’s alternator died, that’s where Mommy’s water pump blew, that’s where a tire blew on Mommy’s car…you get the picture. Amazingly, I’ve had very few car troubles lately. *knock on wood* And luckily for me, if I do have car troubles in the next few months, I can totally blame it on towing Grandpa’s car and guilt trip him about it!

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Mitchell helps Daddy

Mitchell helping with things isn’t limited to just helping me. He was very excited to help Daddy repair the toilet the other day. He handed him every tool out of his tool box.

DSC_0017 DSC_0018 DSC_0015 DSC_0016

Ignore the paint swatches on the wall. They’ve been there since about two days after we moved into this house, 3 years and 11 months ago. When we moved into this house, every single room was painted the exact same colors: pale-ish green on three walls, with one wall that deep hunter green. There are few colors I hate more than hunter green. So nearly every room in this house has been repainted. The only rooms left are our bedroom, the master bath (calling it a master bath is a bit of a joke when it consists of a midget shower and vanity), and the basement. I even asked that finally painting the bath and bedroom be my birthday present, but since the mailman interrupted nap time by delivering Justin a package the other day, I’m guessing I’m getting something else for my birthday. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be just as nice!

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Mitchell helps

Mitchell loves helping me do things. He may go so far as to insist that he help me do things. This includes dog bathing. Unfortunately for his stash of graham cracker sticks, he also feels the need to make the dogs feel better when he thinks they’re in trouble (this creates a terrible cycle when they get in trouble for stealing his food).



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Happy Easter!

I know, I know, a few days late, but better late than never, right?

Mitchell had a great Easter. Here at home, the Easter Bunny left him some sidewalk chalk, a book, some bubbles, and a couple balls (because that’s JUST what our house needed). At the family Easter, the Easter Bunny gave him a coloring book, some markers, and some crackers. She also very nicely put some candy in there for Mommy. And this was after Mitchell REFUSED to sit with her, even though she bore a striking resemblance to a cousin of his whom he very much likes.

I really didn’t expect much out of him for the Easter egg hunt, but he surprised me by really getting into it! So much so that he didn’t understand/accept when the hunt was over, so I started sneaking eggs out of his basket and tossing them a few feet away. The Easter Bunny hid several eggs in the grills of cars, so now Mitchell tries to go find an egg in every car grill he sees. I’m sure that’s a great habit. I don’t see it going badly at all.

The kids also get to hit a pinata every Easter. Except for Mitchell, who found the idea of hitting the bunny pinata absolutely appalling. So appalling, in fact, that he took the bat and ran when I tried to demonstrate how to hit the pinata. It’s one of my favorite pictures now, because I imagine that’s how Mitchell and I look in most of our day-to-day interactions.

He got lots of eggs, and when he woke up the next morning, he found his basket with eggs and started tossing them around the house, “finding” them, and putting them back in the basket. Inevitably, several broke open, but he just brought them to me to close again. I was cleaning the house, and I remember thinking, “Hmm, I wonder where the candy is?” but I just went back to cleaning. A little while later, I see Mitchell toss an egg, which cracked open. Laika immediately pounced on the tootsie roll and swallowed it whole, wrapper and all. She didn’t even chew. Sure enough, today when I scooped poo in the backyard, I came across a pile that had several candy wrappers in it. It seems she got hold of a few different kinds of candy before I realized what was happening.

And now, pictures!

4-20-2014 Easter 009 4-20-2014 Easter 011 DSC_0029 DSC_0040 DSC_0045 DSC_0069 DSC_0078 DSC_0109

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There are many things I’m proud to hand down to Mitchell, but one of them seems especially relevant right now. When I was a child (I have no idea what age), my grandpa made me a stool. This stool has made it through countless moves, falls, and paint changes (but I never painted over the note he wrote on the bottom). Now Mitchell has discovered the stool and has been using it to play in the water brush his teeth throughout the day. It warms my heart to see. I know that Grandpa would love to know that another generation is enjoying his work.


(Ignore the piles of toilet paper. I discovered bulk purchasing through Amazon, and it might be my new addiction. I’m not a prepper, but all these preppers have gold, and you can’t wipe your butt with gold. Well you can. But I’m guessing it wouldn’t feel good. I’d much rather stock up on toilet paper.)

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Mini me?

I swear, sometimes it’s like Mitchell is just Grandpa, miniaturized.


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Daddy’s hungry

Well, not really. But Mitchell didn’t like dinner and wanted Cheerios instead. And if Mitchell is hungry, everybody is hungry.





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