Holy. Moley.

So, this morning I thought, “I can totally drop my car off at the mechanic and walk home.” It sounded like such a great idea. I figured the shop was about a mile from our house, so it’d be about a twenty minute walk. I looked at the temperature, and it was about 50. Beautiful. Totally doable.

Yeah. No. It turns out the shop is nearly twice that far. Not that big of deal, but add the wind and the fact that I had to keep doubling back to find sidewalks or streets without traffic, and it was even longer. And Topeka sidewalks are not the best, so I had to keep lifting the stroller up over the earthquake-sized cracks. So, basically, if you need me, I’ll be nursing this lovely iced tea with a few ibuprofen.

Mitchell is already ready to go again. Seriously.


By themagnificentms

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