Get off my bumper!


Just kidding. That’s Grandpa back there. Today Mitchell and I spent the day towing Grandpa back home. Even though he spent a total of about five and a half hours in the car and only slept maybe one and a half of those hours, Mitchell was FANTASTIC. He played in his car seat for most of the ride and we had several rounds of Find That Body Part (he can do ear, mouth, nose, eye, belly, foot, and sometimes knee).

Towing another vehicle is one of those skills one rarely gets to utilize. But I’m darn decent at it. Probably because the very first time I did it, it was because I’d just blown the transmission out of my first car in the middle of a snow storm and I was so scared of getting in more trouble that I listened very intently to every instruction my dad gave me. And since I come from a long line of Drive It Till It Dies drivers, I have gotten to tow a few cars in my day. In fact, as we were driving home, I started pointing out memorable places to Mitchell: that’s where Mommy blew her transmission, that’s where Mommy’s alternator died, that’s where Mommy’s water pump blew, that’s where a tire blew on Mommy’s car…you get the picture. Amazingly, I’ve had very few car troubles lately. *knock on wood* And luckily for me, if I do have car troubles in the next few months, I can totally blame it on towing Grandpa’s car and guilt trip him about it!

By themagnificentms

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