So we went to the zoo today

Going to the zoo is not the story. We go to the zoo all the time. Mitchell has his preferred animals and routes. But what IS news is that this time I found the summer bounce house the zoo has. I ran into someone we went to story time with, and Mitchell played in the bounce house with them. He loved it, of course. Then her older kid wanted to go on the giant climbing ship and slide. Mitchell followed, of course, and I let him go in there, thinking there was no way he’d actually climb it. The walls are high enough that you can’t really see inside, though, and a few minutes later I get a glimpse of this.



I may have freaked out a bit. But I played it cool and ran to the other side to coax him down. A grandmother was standing there trying to get her school-aged child to quit climbing up the slide, and she felt the need to say, “He seems a bit young for this.” I admitted I wouldn’t have let him in if I’d thought he’d climb it, to which she answered, “I’d think not.” I wanted to point out to her that her school-aged grandchild was currently climbing over the side of the ship, so she might want to spend a little less time commenting on my parenting skills, but instead I just held my breath while my child slid down and out of my sight.



He did it several times in a row, so by the end I was no longer nervous. But holy cow, he looked so small up there!

This is his victory stance. In case you can’t tell, this is my child, rocking a farmer’s tan, I’m a sleeveless shirt, and if you look closely, you can see the mullet. He’s representin’.


By themagnificentms

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