No, no, no.

So, Mitchell has decided he now drinks out of big boy cups. There are several problems with this, though. First, he doesn’t understand having only one cup at a time. There are cups all over our house. Second, he gets his own ice. Lots and lots of ice. Our freezer is constantly being opened and closed. Third, he still thinks it’s fun to play in water. He starts by trying to grab the ice out of the cup, then, if he happens to spill a little water, he’ll dump the rest out and play in it on the floor. He then goes and gets a towel and cleans the water up. Great, right? Except I now have no clean kitchen towels.

Ok. So. My first answer was to take all the cups out of the drawer and put them out of his reach.



Next step: child lock on the freezer.

By themagnificentms

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