Too much shopping

Yesterday Target had massive clearance, so even though I didn’t buy much, I still had to look at everything. So by the time we got to the grocery store, this is how Mitchell felt.


When I checked out, the cashier addled if I’d like a replacement loaf, but my conscience just wouldn’t let me accept it.

Also at the grocery store,  as we were waiting at the meat counter, Mitchell was pointing out body parts. He pointed to my hair (“Mommy’s hair”), then to his hair (“Mitchell’s hair”), then to the gentleman behind us. Who was bald. And had totally been observing the entire routine. Then, to add insult, Mitchell did his “where’d it go?” gesture, complete with the “huh” sound. The guy,  thank goodness, had a sense of humor and just said something like “I’ve been asking myself that for years.” Ah, many gaffs.

By themagnificentms

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