It’s still dark.


The good news is, my son is sleeping through the night. The bad news is, his internal alarm clock is set to 5:30, no matter what time he falls asleep. I have no idea who he inherited this trait from, but I do know that it wasn’t me. A few years ago, if someone had told be that the parent who got to sleep in would still be awake by 7 (which, incidentally, is earlier than any coffee shop in Topeka), I’d have punched them in the mouth. Sleep is a big deal. I love sleeping. I just assumed any child of mine would equally love sleeping.

I looked it up on WebMD. Toddlers need 12-14 hours of sleep per 24 hours. On a good day, Mitchell gets 11 hours. That’s of he takes a full 2 hour nap, which he usually doesn’t.

Oi. It’s still dark. Why am I not in bed?

By themagnificentms

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