Might be a bit confused.

Yesterday I got a sample diaper in the mail for She Who Must Not Be Named. Mitchell immediately grabbed it and tried to put it on himself. I told him it wouldn’t fit, it was for his baby sister. So he ran off with it, and this is how I found him.




He will generally point at my belly when I ask him where his baby sister is, but I guess he got a bit confused. But hey, at least he wants to help! That’ll be nice! Or messy. But what isn’t messy when Mitchell is involved?

For her part, it seems that the little lady can’t wait to get out here and join in the fun. I think my body made a mistake and put my bladder inside my uterus this time, because she is uncannily accurate in her punches. I haven’t had a whoopsie yet (*knock on wood*) but it can only be a matter of time. I’m surprised at how different this pregnancy has been. Even now, when she’s started moving around, she even moves differently. Mitchell’s movements were big, quick jabs. Hers are more…kind of constant shuffling or wiggling. Even at night. I guess I should have been more grateful for Mitchell’s stillness at night, because this lady HATES any pressure on my belly. She’s very possessive of her space. I’m a stomach sleeper. So I try to sleep on my side, but if any part of my belly touches the bed, she kicks it. All night long. All. Night. Long. I finally get Mitchell sleeping through the night…

Oh, and new ways to use the easel!

By themagnificentms

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