It’s that time, that special time of year…FOR CANDY!

Have I mentioned I have a sugar addiction? It’s true. But I have another reason to love this time of year now. ADORABLE TODDLER.


He dressed as Woody this year. He has a Woody doll that he loves, and to further prep I showed him some Toy Story. He watched parts of it and reenacted anything Andy did with Mr. Potato Head or Woody (the only two Toy Story toys he has), but other than that, continued to be uninterested in the TV. Which, I guess, is probably good. I shouldn’t complain.

He started a bit confused about the whole trick or treating thing, but by about halfway through he was IN to it. He knew what the booths meant and specifically dug for suckers or tootsie rolls. I only let him have tootsie rolls, though, because I don’t know the cleaning instructions for this costume but I’m not sure anything could get sucker juice out of faux cowhide. I overheard lots of parents telling their children they couldn’t have any of the candy they were getting, and felt a little like a bad parent, but then I heard an equal amount of parents complaining of hangovers and smelling like they came straight from the bar, so I guess at least I’m better than that! Boo-ya!











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