Happy Thanksgiving!

In general, I’m not acknowledging the holiday. I’ve spent the day unpacking, doing homework, and failing at doing black Friday shopping online.

However, I made the mistake of leaving the box containing Mitchell’s fire station open. I had been leaving it to put together while he napped, because I wasn’t sure how it would go putting it together while he freaked out about it being broken. It’s not broken, but it’s in a million pieces because, in addition to being a child’s toy, it’s also a brain teaser puzzle/I.Q. test for anyone stupid enough to get this for their child.

I’m sure it was fine if you bought it brand new with the instruction manual, but I bought Mitchell’s used. At a garage sale. In a million pieces. There is a very specific order in which it has to be assembled, and if you try to put the floor piece in before the wall piece that doesn’t even touch the damn floor piece, you have to disassemble the whole thing and start over. It took me a full three hours to put together the first time. I swore I’d never put it together again. But, the movers took it apart and I can’t bear for Mitchell to not have one of his favorite things ever, so, a miraculous thirty minutes later, we found ourselves with a gloriously happy child.


But seriously. Never again.

By themagnificentms

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