Verbal accomplishments!

So, Mitchell’s vocabulary isn’t quite the top of his class. I think it’s partially because we did sign language with him, partially because I’m with him 24/7 and know what he wants (even if he uses made up words), and partially because he’s terribly stubborn and thinks it’s funny. I try not to point the finger at myself, and the Dr has assured me there’s nothing serious wrong.

Nevertheless, it’s something that weighs on my mind almost constantly. I work with him so much I don’t even notice anymore that I’m trying to build his vocab. So, a couple months ago, when he strung two words together (“puppy night night”), I cried. Since then, he’s getting steadily better, and it seems like the last week he’s made major strides. He even threw in a verb, just to shake things up (“Mitchell go night night”, and then sub in all the random things he’s taking to bed with him, like dog or car or whatever). This exchange from yesterday’s nap time was particularly hilarious. He’s adopted the phrase “looooordy lord!” for use whenever I ask him to do something or when the dogs aren’t cooperating or, really, whenever the heck he feels like it. He’s also discovered the word “tickle” and asks to be tickled whenever I lay him down. Anyway, he turned it into a conversation that he repeated, I swear, for at least an hour.

Me: Mitchell, lay down. Time for night night.
Mitchell: Tickle tickle?
Me: No, no tickle tickle.
Mitchell: Ya Ya night night? (He calls himself Ya Ya for some reason still.)
Me: Yes, Mitchell has to go night night.
Mitchell: Loooordy loooord!

He’d then lay down for a few minutes, then start the conversation all over again. Eventually the novelty wore off for me, but not for him.

Anyway, hooray for vocabulary! Now if only potty training was going as well…

By themagnificentms

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