We’re getting ready!

38 weeks. I’m 38 weeks pregnant. Oi. I’ve transitioned to wearing Justin’s t-shirts whenever possible. They’re just so much more comfy than my own! I did this with Mitchell, too. My t-shirt of choice with Mitchell was a bit more…socially acceptable, though.
(the shirt says “B is for Brewski)

Luckily, generally, I rarely leave the house, and the acceptability of the shirt doesn’t really come up around the house. If you look really closely at that picture, you can see my belly button popping through the shirt. That’s right. Popped belly button. I thought it’d be so cute, but really it’s just creepy and itchy. Yes, itchy. Weird.

Grandpa bought Baby a new swing yesterday, and after carefully explaining to Mitchell that it’s Baby’s, not his, he got into the spirit.


Coming down the stairs to see a baby in the swing is a bit disconcerting, though. I know she’s coming in two weeks (or less), but it’s just so hard to believe. I was so much more ready for Mitchell. It’s like the world is trying to stall me, though. I found out Monday night that I should have registered at the hospital by 36 weeks and there was a bit of a kerfuffle with that today. Then at my doctor appointment today I found out I’m further along…ah…cervix-wise….at 38 weeks than I was after 36 hours of labor with Mitchell, so I freaked out and ran to Target to do a registry completion. Only to be told my registry was messed up. After an hour and a half, the frazzled manager just said she’d manually give me the completion discount. Her and the cashier both calculated it, and I wasn’t paying much attention, but after we left I realized they’d given me a discount of 35% rather than 15%. So I guess it was worth it! After a quick Amazon registry completion, I think I should be stocked up and ready (supplies, anyway) in a few days. Stay in for a few days, girl! I still have a bunch of stuff to unpack and wash and whatever, but that shouldn’t take long.

So, final countdown, here we come!

By themagnificentms

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