So pregnant.

I’m now four days away from my due date, and as of my last appointment, have absolutely no hope of going into labor on my own. Despite lots of pressure and plenty of contractions, I made no progress whatsoever between 38 and 39 weeks (cervix-wise). Mitchell is doing all he can to encourage her to come out, as he’s decided that my belly is the best seat in the house.


That’s right, that’s how I roll. Preparing dinner, holding a toddler, and even reading him a book, all at the same time. I’m sure I was issuing some major words of wisdom via text message, too. Multitasking like a boss.

It’s probably not a bad thing that we’re going to have plenty more time to prepare for her arrival, as she’s unnamed still. I’m also waiting on that magical “prep for baby” sleep to start. If Mitchell miraculously sleeps more than a couple hours at a time, I still can’t sleep because Baby Girl thinks my ribs are a damn xylophone that needs played with her feet. She’s also still under the impression there’s plenty of room in there, as she regularly flips from side to side. At my 39 week appointment (with the creepiest doctor I’ve ever met), the doctor said, “Isn’t it nice now that she’s settled down and doesn’t move quite as much?” I looked at him with a dumb enough expression that he asked if maybe that wasn’t the case, and I pointed out to him that her butt was on the other side of my belly at the last appointment. He ended the appointment with, “Well, pray for labor.” I will, doc, but can I get your on-call schedule first? I want to make sure you’re not on call when I go into labor. Seriously, I thought he’d gotten as creepy as he could when he grabbed my belly and commented on the size of my uterus (“mighty big”) in the hall, but he just got creepier. I especially enjoyed when he talked to Mitchell while he was checking my cervix.

Speaking of Mitchell. He’s decided he’s the baby. He wants carried around like a baby. Constantly. And he wakes up throughout the night every couple hours…sometimes every hour. During the day, I am still wowed by how adorable he is, but I have to admit, at night he gets a little less adorable. Or a lot. God I’m tired. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, we start reading this book. After about 50 times, I can sometimes sneak off for a short while.


I shouldn’t complain, though, because the other day while we were reading it, he just randomly said “yellow” clear as day. The color yellow is now a BIG DEAL around here. In the hospital parking garage, the yellow level’s door is painted yellow, so as soon as we start leaving the doctor’s office, Mitchell starts yelling “YELLOW DOOR!” and continues to yell it until we see the yellow door. He also runs around the house trying to find anything and everything yellow. It’s fairly adorable. Like I said, during daylight hours, he’s adorable. If I could just get him to sleep at night, he’d be perfect. I mean, as perfect as a toddler can be. He still rocks a temper tantrum now and then. But goodness, his world is about to be rocked.


By themagnificentms

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