Seriously, he LOVES Rosie!

I’m definitely going to keep raving about how much Mitchell loves Rosie, because, as Justin pointed out, we can use this in a few years to point out that, once upon a time, they DID love each other and get along.

Mitchell constantly wants to hold her. He’s generally very serious about it, either talking to her or just sitting there looking very important. When I nurse her in the rocking chair, he sits in his rocking chair with “his baby” and rocks her (or attempts to…it turns out three generations using the same rocking chair may be pushing it…I need wood glue, stat!). When she cries, he runs over and puts his hand on her face or belly and says “ooooooh, baby” over and over again, trying to soothe her. It’s adorable. I love this kid. Both kids. Gah. I have kids. KIDS.

DSC_0015 DSC_0020

Look at that adorable hat Rosie’s sporting! Where’d I get it? Oh, just something I threw together while Mitchell was napping. That’s right, I made it. Sorry, kids, but you’re totally going to have to sneakily discard Mom’s homemade crap on the way to school someday.

DSC_0026 DSC_0011

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