First Bath(ish)

Rosie’s umbilical cord fell off at about a week and a half, but she still hasn’t had an official bath yet because I wanted to make sure everything was ok with her belly button. So at her two week appointment, the doctor checked it and said yes, she has an umbilical hernia, but we can treat it normally. Unfortunately, I can’t treat it normally, because it grosses me the heck out, so she just had a bath(ish) (a sponge bath). She was less than thrilled about it. But holy cow, something had to be done because this girl spits up on herself almost hourly. It’s ridiculous.

But, adorable baby in a towel picture!


And, after a very scary ultrasound today, I just got word that her spine is beautifully formed and she’s 100% healthy (well, other than that hernia thing)! Hooray!

By themagnificentms

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