Super Construction Man!

Mitchell’s recently rediscovered his love for his 1st birthday cape. I made it really big with the intention of just making new Super M shirts that it would attach to throughout his childhood. But shortly after his 1st birthday, he decided the cape was Super Annoying and refused to wear it again. Thankfully, he figured out that it looks like Superman’s cape and now wants to wear it all the time. With his construction hat, for some reason. I guess I should be thankful that he wants to wear his construction hat while Super Jumping off the couch or, God forbid, something taller. He loves jumping off things, the taller the better. I stopped him from jumping off the table the other day and found myself wondering how little boys ever survived that whole “survival of the fittest” period of evolution if I had to convince him that breaking his leg would NOT be fun.

DSC_0001 DSC_0002

Mitchell is on my really really good side today, though. His Valentine’s Day present to his daddy and I was to sleep until 7:45 this morning IN HIS OWN BED. He has NEVER done that before. He ALWAYS joins us in our bed by 5 or 6. There have been a couple times he’s slept until almost 7, but never 8! I was up with Rosie throughout the night and kept going to check on him. And when I woke up at 7 and he still wasn’t in our bed, I had a panic attack thinking that someone had kidnapped him or he’d gone downstairs without our knowing it and gotten hurt or gotten the back door open or something. What a terrible irony it is, the one time my toddler slept late, I didn’t because I couldn’t fall back asleep after panicking about why he was sleeping late. Oh well, I’ve pretty much decided that between Mitchell and Rosie, I’ll never have a good night’s sleep again because I’ll be worrying about them for some reason. Which reminds me, my mission for nap time today was to find something to take care of these dark circles under my eyes. You know, other than sleep.

By themagnificentms

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