Bath time

Rosie is a day away from 5 weeks old and I’m just now getting around to posting adorable bath pictures. This poor second child! Her first official bath was at a little over 2 weeks old, but she’s so darn wiggly in the bath chair that it’s really hard taking a hand off her to take a picture! She pushes off against the tub so hard that she propels the bath chair (and herself) around the tub her whole bath. I’m trying really hard not to get into the habit of comparing every single thing she does to Mitchell, but seriously, she’s so different! I really didn’t expect two newborns to be so different. I mean, how different can newborns be? They’re just a body filled with base needs, right? But it turns out they can be drastically different.

Anyway, back to bath time. She’s getting better about being so temperature-sensitive, so as long as I’m continuously pouring water on her to keep her warm, she enjoys the bath now. Oh, wait. Did I say as long as I pour water onto her? Sorry, I meant as long as Mitchell pours water onto her. Because apparently that’s his job. Just like it’s his job to give her a pacifier, clean up her spit-up, throw away her diapers, comfort her when she’s crying, check on her when she’s sleeping, entertain her during tummy time, etc.

Sorry. Getting side-tracked again. I better just post the bath pictures (minus the private bits) before I get distracted again!

DSC_0002 DSC_0010 DSC_0003

By themagnificentms

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