Lunch is served!

One of Mitchell’s favorite toys is his set of vintage Little People. He has two houses and several accessories (at this point). Lately everything happening in his life has to be mirrored in his Little People. So when Daddy comes home and opens his garage door, Mitchell runs and opens his house’s garage door. When it’s night night time for him, the Little People have to go night night. And, when it’s lunch time for him, it’s lunch time for the Little People, too. Of course, he has to cook their lunch on his kitchen, and the mismatched sizes don’t seem to bother him in the slightest.


That’s a giant cooking pot from his kitchen play set on top of an itty bitty table. Oh, and Oscar. Even the trashy people are welcome at his table.

Oh, and side note about the Little People going night night: in his house, the mommy and the daddy sleep in separate twin beds, 50s sitcom style. Instead of taking this as some sort of an Oedipus comment, I will totally be using this against him the first time he brings a girlfriend home.

By themagnificentms

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