Snow day

Surprise, we got more snow last week. Seriously, I don’t know if an entire week has gone by since we moved here without snow. I love snow, but I’m done. But guess who isn’t done? Especially now?

Whenever Justin leaves, Mitchell yells “car car snow snow!” when his car hits the snow. Throughout the day, he sits at the window yelling whenever a car drives by. He thinks it’s the best. So, I got some awesome mom points by bringing in some snow for him to drive his cars through. Holy cow, he thought it was the best thing in the world. We almost didn’t need to shovel the front sidewalk because I brought it all inside. I gave him a measuring scoop to use, so now whenever I get a measuring scoop out of the drawer he starts getting all excited and yelling “snow snow snow snow!” Which is sad, because most of the snow is melted. Well, it’s sad for him. I’m celebrating a bit and finally leaving the house.


By themagnificentms

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